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Wednesday, October 15, 2003  

Of course there is no fiber news. Not much more news at all, really. Just an interesting comment about living in a community where pretty much everyone knows you. Even as I opened up the building, a 4 year old boy leaped out of his car to run help me push the book cart in from the book-drop. Warm welcomes back, hugs, polite but intelligent questions about my Dad, patient interest in how I was handling things, I’d say a total warm enfolding, yeah, that was what yesterday was all about. My assistant is still on vacation and isn’t expected back till tomorrow but our new part-time help was there by noon so I could get out for some chores. It was pretty much a catch-up day. Sweet, comfortable, makes me remember how good life is.

I even feel normal enough to read the KnitU newsletter. I haven’t been able to plow through it lately, though I never miss reading Knitters Review. That is, and has always been, especially lately, another daily reality talisman. I love it because I can select the topics so easily and the print is big enough for these old eyes to read in comfort.

Tuesday is WW for me also - and once again there was a warm welcome and kind interest shown. And a 3 lb. loss after 6 weeks of excruciatingly slow movement. Had to admit that during the last week of anxiety and tension, the one thing I could really cling to was that WW program. Having a precise eating routine gave me the nicest sense of order and reality and logic. And control.

Interesting how we find help in the most unexpected places. Instead of the stress of things driving me to trash eating, which is extremely easy to do at my parent - where every CheetoChocoCheeseNipCandyCookieDonutCake known to man is to be found spread out on the kitchen counters - it pressed me more closely against my little food journal. Huh. Who’da thought?

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