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Monday, October 06, 2003  

A little spinning. A little strolling. A little sleeping. A turn out on the river. That’s how I spent my day: recharging my batteries. I didn’t know how much I needed that but I feel ready to calmly face the week - as if the body had soaked up all the vitamins it needed to feed every corner of my psyche and now I’m shielded with a YogicKarmaShieldOfPeace.

The sky was October Blue yesterday, accented with the whitest puffs of clouds, tickled with light northern breezes - dry and crisp and fresh. The soy beans have yellowed and the poke weed’s deep pink stems and purple berries flash from behind the still green leaves. Marsh mallow has turned exactly the burnt orange I love and the salt bush is blossoming whitely. We took the boat to the end of Occupacia Creek and flushed hundreds of ducks, laughing at how we would tease LD, when we got his weekly phone call, about driving all the way to North Dakota when all the water fowl were at home.

I pulled out all my purchases and scrunched my fingers in them. Spun a little of the Cormo roving too - just to get the feel for it. But I have on my wheel some gorgeous blue merino/angora/silk that Jen dyed and I am working on a surprise with that. It’s the angora that prompted the design choices I’ve made and I am excited to see how it will turn out. It’ll be a fairly small project - should be done in a week or so.

We’re still discovering evidence of Isabelle damage though. Oh my - now when I drive home, down the stretch between the middle of the field and the woods - which I call my praying place, you can see through the fringe of trees to blue sky beyond. It hurts, in the oddest way, to loose the deep dark forest. When I first surveyed the woods, right after the storm, the novelty was intriguing enough to be exciting. But twice now I’ve walked the home path and what used to be a snugly darkness is now bright with open sky above. I miss those trees they way I missed LD when he went off to college. I knew I had to accept it and if I wanted happiness I had better find joy in change, but oh how the ache burned. Mind now - this doesn’t hurt as much as waving good bye to my college freshman, but I knew he was coming back and I know this forest won’t come back till long after I am gone.

Man! I just can’t seem to post without sliding into some sort of gloomy report. Obviously there is stuff eating away at me. Well - I know there is - the question is - what does one do about tough situations - how does one pick one’s way through the briars with finesse and delicacy?

Hmmm. Must be Monday-itis.

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