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Friday, October 31, 2003  

I’m pulling in more and more these days. Limiting myself to easy to define, uncreative, bean counting tasks, not allowing myself any sense of anticipation. Got that wall built about as high as I can, now. If the family crumbles I’ll at least have some sort of place to duck. They have never been known for doing things with simplicity and ease, but they sure can cause havoc when they crash. Very terrible-two-ish.

Decided too, that I shan’t make a single Christmas gift this year. Well - I’ll make socks for LD but that’s about it. I need confidence and energy to make gifts and a little time would help too. All gifts will be ordered from the Southern Supreme Catalog. Backing out of everything else I can, as quick as I can. 90 miles west of me, two extraordinarily frail, stubborn, illogical seniors are wobbling around in a dance of misery. They could collapse any moment and the daughters will need to catch them or, at least, toss some sort of cushion beneath them, or - if they won’t allow that either - have to sweep up the debris.

I can enjoy the present - the day to day - but I am utterly frozen when it comes to looking forward to anything.

posted by Bess | 7:08 AM