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Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

Getting back to work with a normal Monday, fully staffed, was so soothing. It’s been a long time since I could look at 5 days in the office and feel that replete sigh, instead of a sort of whiney plaint. And then I remember, I’m out of the office on Thursday. Yep. Forgot about that. A long standing appointment, too. Ahh well. Not so normal a week after all. Fortunately, it’s an appointment for fun.

There were piles and piles of new books waiting yesterday. And a magnificent man came in and fixed our 16 mm movie projector. Yes. I still have one of those. And a small portion of the old film collection from the State Library. The quality of 16 mm films made for children between about 1970 and 1985 was so high, so outstandingly good, it is utterly frustrating to see the crap that is made for them these days. I’m not talking about Disney et. al. I’m talking about short animations, small little films that ought to tell a good story without preaching, without those disgustingly insincere female voices. I want to puke when I hear the voices for the good guys in just about every cartoon I see. It’s enough to make me want to be a villain myself. (Remember now, I’m the sugar queen)

No, I am referring to Weston Woods productions based on top quality children’s books, or those phenomenally superb shorts from Canada, and the equally amazing animations from Czechoslovakia - fer cryin’ out loud - a country that doesn’t even exist now.

If ever you get a chance to see the Canadian Film Board's The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin, snap it up. Think about it - a penguin Cinderella? There’s another one; Remarkable Riderless Runaway Tricycle. Lord. The cleverness, the humor, the thrill of the chase - when a little boy’s stops by a trash pile and finds a kite. He starts playing with it and doesn’t notice when the trash truck picks up his trike. But the trike escapes the dump, flees through town, pursued by the trash truck, the police and a street sweeper - sneaking through a pizza parlor, ducking into a car wash, and when it hits the roadblock - well.... just you see what a determined trike can do when it has to get back to it’s boy. I am sure my Blackie would have done the same.

There was another film that some lucky library got (and has probably now tossed - I’ve never been able to track it down anywhere) , called Toy Story. It was a clay-mation type of film about a little toy soldier that was given to a baby. The toy’s job was to make the baby happy but the baby, at the creepy crawly stage, mostly threw, bit and smashed it’s toys. After being tossed about a while the soldier fled under the couch where it found all the other toys shivering in fear. They watched warily as the baby crept about till it stumbled and began to cry. Well - you know the duty of a toy - to make it’s owner happy. Finally the brave soldier marched out to sacrifice himself to his baby’s happiness but before he could be destroyed the baby was distracted by the package the soldier came in and said toy’s life was saved.

Not only did the state library have a copy of this, but I also once saw it as the trailer for a movie in an arty theater. It was even cuter on the big screen. And it predated the Tom Hanks Toy Story by a good 5 or 10 years. Clever, witty, funny, 15 minutes long. Animation artistry at its best. And just about impossible to track down in video format. And not being equaled in the short offerings available when I go hunting for stuff for the collection.

Just about - I said above, but not quite. I did find Mercer Mayer’s Frog Goes to Dinner on video - and ordered it. And there are other little triumphs now and then. But I am soooo glad to have the projector fixed so I can still show my beloved 16 mms. Besides, I have yet to see a television screen give me the resolution this ancient piece of technology offers. Call me a Luddite. I’m not really. Our library is just not in the financial condition to drop $$$$$+ on a professional quality DVD projector.

‘nuff complaining. Why is it so much more sophisticated to complain than to comment?

Still picking away at my creative project. S L O W L Y . And enjoying the glorious sunsets of fall. Tonight is my WW meeting. Although I’ve kept my little food journal all week, and according to the numbers I have stayed within the caloric intake I’m allotted - but I suspect I’ve been a wee bit generous with the portions I’ve dolled out. Interesting - it doesn’t take much self searching to see where one pads and cheats and cuts corners. And it’s also easy to see that if I weren’t participating in a structured program, with a quasi public accounting - even though only I and the person who keeps my chart ever sees my weight - it wouldn’t be long before the weight began piling back on. Also - I am really close to being finished - yes - I, Lady Dally of the Ever Not For Pursuing completion - Miss ENFP, herself.

Okay - I can joke, but I will get to goal and by golly I intend to stay there too. I’ve finished things before and I know that I can come to completion. Just gotta do so.

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