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Thursday, September 25, 2003  

We’re still all sort of numb from Weather these days. My own moods are decided mercurial. Hurricanes then tornadoes means most folk are waiting for the third. Since it would be difficult for a fire to get started in this rain saturated world, it’ll probably be the new ice age that hits us next. The only knitting activity I got done yesterday was to pick up the shoulder stitches on SGV and to take 10 skeins of Waterspun to Lisa, who’s knitting a baby blanket for FirstChild’s FirstChild while sitting beneath a fallen tree which can’t be taken down till the crane gets here. This project has entailed massive artistic angst which leaves me slightly puzzled, but then, Lisa is the other sort of Virgo and her daughter is a triple Leo.

I did get the entry applications in the mail, so with good luck and steady effort, I’ll have a skein of Wenslydale and the SGV to take with me to the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival on Oct. 4th. In other festival news, one of my 4H girls entered a small knitted purse in the crafts competition of the State Fair, made from her own hand spun, hand dyed yarn. It is very pretty, thick yarn, but quite even, and dyed in a well balanced sequence of pinks, blues, and pale purples. I hope there is a judge who comprehends the entirety of her efforts, because it really is impressive. I’d love for her to get some sort of recognition. If she doesn’t I will insist that she enter it in our regional arts show this April.

Well - I’ve stared at this blank page for long enough. Obviously the muse has departed. And the nitty gritty that’s left over is either too dull or too private to lay out in text. Time to go do something else.

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