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Wednesday, September 17, 2003  

Three more rounds to go! Three more rounds to go! I’ll knit them tonight and sew&cut the steeks - since I expect power to go out sometime Thursday. I can knit the armbands and button band without electricity.

Overslept this morning - or rather - I finally got a good night’s sleep with a little extra thrown in to make up for 2 sleepless nights. Gonna try to get some pictures taken this evening before I take scissors to knitting. The curious deserve to have some visuals.

I got home in the blue evening last night, about 7, and found the corn is mostly harvested - how strange the world looks without the forest of cornstalks flanking my Praying Place. Each year, after harvesting, one is surprised with the enormity of that wide open field. The sky blossoms above like the blue cup of some celestial flower. The very top of your head seems to lift up to fit into that wide blue cap. Arms spread wide - your face tingles with the sudden room it has to exist in the world. And that scent - oh lord - of fresh grain harvested warm from the afternoon sun. It is a sensual extravagance.

Winston is frantically combining away to get in as much of his crops as he can before the storm hits. He told me he was half way through and had about 2 more weeks of combining to do. The buyers discount wet grains and he only has a limited amount of space in the dryers. Our crop, since it’s a share-crop, never goes into the dryers so I’m mighty glad he got our fields done yesterday. New clothes coming my way.

Sad news at WW for me - not really news though. (Gad, Bess, must you negate everything you say? Can’t you just start out with the truth?) I gained .2 this week. Body is not happy - psyche is even more unhappy with the new Flex Plan and some 51 year old endocrinology. Can it be? Is this the dreaded change? No hot flashes, no irritable temperament (I am sure BD will attest to that!) Just a metabolic clinging to fat cells?

I think I’ve decided what I want to do for my birthday - a phone call will decide me. What could be more beautiful than a rain washed drive through the low hills of western piedmont Virginia to the land of Hunt Country Yarns!?! If only he still has a copy of Horst Schultz’s book.

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