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Monday, September 15, 2003  

Only 1 more 1/2 pattern to go on the SGV!! Didn’t quite meet my goal, but got darn close. I promise I’ll photograph the thing before I cut the steeks - probably Wednesday. It’s sort of thrilling to be knitting the last bits of anything. And the Black Gum Super-wash Merino is drying in the downstairs shower - 4 oz of the slipperiest stuff I’ve ever handled.

I had been warned - and had broken it into 1 oz pieces which I doubled over, tying the ends together with yarn and then tying another piece of yarn around the loop end about 6 inches in. The yarn was blue, easy to see against the white of the top. It not only kept the fibers together, especially when they were wet, but it also made it easy to pick the whole mass up. I had several gum leaves I’d picked up on a lovely walk with the dogs and combined the offered the whole spectrum of black gum colors. These are mainly a vibrant, sun-filled red, a paler, but equally vibrant orange, a lime green that fades into yellow and if there is any mold on the leaves, a dark burgundy. With all the rain this summer, there is plenty of burgundy and less of the vibrant red. The mixing was fairly unscientific, though not quite serendipitous. I am modestly satisfied with my results. It’s just so darn easy to make lime green - which is not the color I was looking for. There just is a difference between black gum green and lime green. But working with the pro-chem dyes, the green can separate a bit, giving it a yellow halo which is exactly the effect you see on the leaves. I feel I captured the red exactly, but I had mixed up only a little both red and burgundy. I had much more of the orange, which I diluted a lot with water. The orange is a little too sugary for me.

“Sugary orange?” you ask. Uh huh. “What color is that?” It’s what Ni Hi orange used to look like. It’s a koolaid color. It is all right and I think it will have a more woodsy look when spun - but one never knows. The proof will be, not in the spinning, but in the knitting. 4 oz will give me enough for a pair of socks.

But Yikes this stuff is slippery. And like silk, it’s fly-away too. I haven’t ever spun with superwash so this will be a completely new experience.

Didn’t get any more spun on the red roving though. 3 more birds nests to go and I’ll ply it up. We had guests all afternoon. Dear friends from Nelson County, 2 boys and dad, and fishing poles, of course. Long time friends who are always a treat to see, though mom didn’t come and I threatened severe discipline if she sends them off alone next time - even if I do remember the savory delight of having the house all to myself for a day.

And so another week begins. The last week before my birthday - it ought to be a happy one. Let us hope it turns out to be so.

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