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Wednesday, September 24, 2003  

One armband done, one to go, plus two shoulder seams and a button band. If I have enough yarn to finish all this, it will be a miracle. Of course, it would be a very minor miracle, so maybe there will be enough. I cut the center steek - it is much easier to do 3 needle shoulder seams with the front shoulders separated - and by golly - it’s a v-neck, alright!! I’m really pleased with the v-neck shaping. In a plain knit piece, v shaping is not particularly tricky but this is a slipped stitch hexagon patterned fabric - not only are there two different yarns and colors, but also, every 6th stitch is a long slipped stitch that crosses 6 rows of knitting. It’s an interesting piece of art mathematics, if I do say so myself.

The floodwaters went down by mid-day. Our road, a dirt lane, is rougher and bumpier than I’ve ever seen it. Poor BigDarling will have to do some serious roadwork soon. Fortunately, the road over Jacob’s Gut, the flooded stream, did not wash away. That would have required bulldozers and truth is - they are all impressed into hurricane cleanup work right now. Even after my own little flood subsided, the tar road up to the big highway was still underwater - just not too deep for me to drive through.

LittleDarling is out west now, missing all the WeatherExcitement, but he calls every Sunday with LD-ish tales of his adventures that have us laughing and secretly admiring - well, not really so secretly - I am sure he’s aware of how much we admire him. This long planned adventure of his is so typical of him - of how he’ll conceive an idea, work out the plans, assemble all necessary tools and equipment and then blithely go do it. It was all the more fantastic to watch him do this in high school, but it still staggers us parents to watch our widdle babeee go out and do cool things.

Another fun thing about grown up children is all the things they tell you they did, when they were still your responsibility - that you never knew about!! Lord, I’m glad I never knew. Whooee! But, in truth, I’m glad he did them .... well. maybe not the broken nose from jumping off the Downing Bridge (yeah, the big one that goes across the Rappahannock River) into the concrete pilings....

Anyway - it’s wonderful that he stays in touch. It’s even more wonderful that he’ll be living near by this winter.

Hmmmm. looks like there may be time to snap a photo or two ...

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