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Thursday, September 18, 2003  

Looks like the brunt of the storm will hit us about 11 p.m. Not an hour I’m likely to be awake. Schools are closed today and tomorrow. I heard the state government offices are closed in Richmond too. It’s not even raining yet, in spite of what weather dot com says, though it is so cloudy the sky has yet to lighten. As long as the weather holds I’ll open up today for a few hours and expect to close at noon. I’m really treating this like a snow day. The forecasters aren’t predicting winds higher than about 45 mph so it’s probable we shan’t have much more than power outages from downed trees.

And no, I didn’t get those last 3 rounds done yesterday. While it was still light outside we picked up loose objects and put them in less vulnerable spaces. I spend a good long time combing Topsy to get as much summer coat off of her as possible. I’ll bring the dogs inside tonight and I’d like to have the least amount of cleaning up to do on Friday. Afterwards, we watched a NOVA video about pearls. BD asked me “would you like pearls for your birthday?” and I had to say yes but when he saw what they were selling for he wryly suggested we wait a bit on the pearls. Gotta love that man!

I did take the SGV outside and photograph it - and now I think on it, I probably ought to go knit those last rounds, sew the steeks and cut so I can photograph that too. Though it’s 400 film, I don’t have flash for my camera. It’s still dry enough outside to take the precious thing outdoors to snap a shot of it.

It’s highly likely the power will be out tomorrow a.m. How long it stays out will depend upon how bad it is elsewhere in the state. So, till I can return, good knitting to you all.

posted by Bess | 6:36 AM