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Thursday, September 04, 2003  

LD is at home for a few days before departing on a 2 month hunting trip in the northern prairies. We are spending pretty much every spare moment with him, talking, listening, and between the two guys - doing engine-y stuff; cars and boats. The dogs are beside themselves with joy. When I let them in in the morning, the scamper upstairs and into his room as if BD and I didn't exist. If he leaves his car door open, Priss hops in, ready for a ride. Both our old labs used to do the same when he was loading up the car to go back to college. You never saw such pitiful pleading as those dogs could put on their faces. "Taaaaaaake me with you".

Obviously, no knitting, spinning, dyeing or other fiberly news today. It's still dank and humid and a grey film of something is on any wooden surface you don't polish daily. It is okay, though - it's September - it'll dry out soon. The weekend forecast is for perfect weather. And Sheyrl comes today so that means I have the weekend off. Nice.

And yes. I do pick up before she comes. Her job is to clean the house, not decide which old newspapers we want to keep or what to do with all that knitting stuff on the dining room table. There is nothing to compare to coming home to a clean kitchen.

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