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Wednesday, September 10, 2003  

Last night at Tuesday Night Knitters I counted up how many patterns I have left to knit on the SGV and there are only 2 left!! This is a 16 row pattern so - 32 rows. Whoopee. I’ll cut the steeks on Saturday and start knitting the armhole treatment and button band. OOOOO this is exciting. I’ll do a quick perusal of my buttons and if I don’t have what I want, I’ll check out the buttons at the shops in Richmond on Friday.

I am sooo glad this thing is nearing the end. Not because I haven’t enjoyed knitting on it - just have a bunch of other stuff I want to do over the next few weeks. Most especially I have to prepare for a workshop I’m teaching in November. I need to make props. Yikes. Guess I’ll have to stop at the art supply store tomorrow.

I had to make a hotel reservation yesterday and I asked for government rates. The fellow asked me if I was federal or state government and when I told him I was local, he asked if I was from a surrounding county. When I told him, “No, sugar, if I were, I wouldn’t need a hotel room” he got pretty flustered. I was then informed that I’d need to show the front desk folk a valid Gov. ID, at which I laughed, since our small county doesn’t issue employee ID. cards. I mean, fer cryin’ out loud!!! We’re all cousins! I asked the clerk if a pay stub would be adequate and he sort of stumbled and then asked me what government I worked for. The upshot was, I got my county administrator to write a letter saying that I do, indeed, work for the County and I’ll take my pay stub just in case.

Contrast this with KnitDad’s congestion - well - I just love living in the country. LD said the fellows on the submarine used to tease him about growing up on a dirt floor and playing with sticks. His eyes twinkled when he related this and then he added “They thought they were exaggerating, but it was pretty much true so they could never get a rise out of me.” I once overheard him telling a fellow 10-year old “Oh yes, I was practically raised by dogs.” which was also pretty much true. So, there you have it. We made the choices that made us happy. Seems like we made him happy too.

For the diet curious - I only lost .4 lbs last week. This is not easy to accept when I knew I’d not only been careful about the in-take, but also had ramped up the workouts. But the last time I did this I had a similar loss - followed the next week by a rather large drop. Also, I’m getting closer to my goal, which is supposed to mean slower progress. Rats. Of course I must remember that there is much other evidence of my overall progress. The scales are merely a photograph of a moment in time. Hmmmm. And a glance at the calendar shows me that I can still reach that little internal goal I’d set for myself - hmmm. Eh. well. hope seeps eternal, right. oh yeah. springs. yeah. springs. that’s bound to burn up more calories than seeping. yeah.....

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