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Tuesday, September 30, 2003  

La, it feels like I’ve been away forever. Not true, of course, but that is how it feels. And my posting will continue to be spotty for a while longer. I’ll be with my folks for a few days while my dad has surgery and even if I could post, I probably won’t be much in the mood for it.

So - a quick catch up of knitting news. SGV is still not done. It’s at that “You think you will be done with me?!? I rather think not. stage all my knitting comes to. Deadlines? “Too bad”. Time issues. “Your problem, not mine.” I believe all my knitting projects are kissin’ cousins to Flidas.

I did pick up the last ball of purple yarn on Saturday. I’ve done both armbands and the shoulders. I haven’t any purple buttons (though I have some 100+ burgundy ones) and I can’t put in the button holes till I get them so I shall stop off at a fabric store today and pick some up. The issue, though, with SGV is I that I’ve tried it on and don’t like how the shoulders work. It may be that I just have to decrease those back-o-the-neck stitches to pull the shoulders in enough and then it shall be just right. Or it may be that I didn’t put enough underarm stitches on a thread when I began the shoulder portion of the sweater. Since I’ve cut the steeks, and since this yarn is hand spun hand dyed and since there is no more of it - this is just too bad for me. So - if after I’ve done the button bands, I still don’t like how the shoulders fit on me - I will make this into a sweater by knitting sleeves from the top down. A little dropped shoulder effect in a sweater is no bad thing. In a vest it is simply hideous (on me - looks like dorky wings). Sooooooo I’ll call Dana at GotYarn and tell her to set aside all the purple Aurora8 she has left and I’ll pick it up sometime while I’m in Richmond.

Ah well. All knitting is an adventure.

And who will know the shoulders aren’t flattering to me in the competition. I shan’t be there to model it. So I will hustle along with it - probably wash and block it on Wed. night and lay it out in the trunk of my car to dry. Ought to be ready by Saturday.

I’ve been spinning a little on some dark blue hand dyed angora blend roving Jen sent me. I love to obey fiber - probably the only thing I do enjoy obeying - and this fiber keeps telling me it wants to be spun as a single. Woooo. that’s not easy. Plying hides such a multitude of bad spinning. But when I work with the stuff it gets grumpy. I finally began knitting right off the wheel on a bit of the single, and with size 8’s it is very happy - although this is not thick spinning. It also has told me exactly what it wants to be knit into so after Saturday I will begin. I won’t say here - I’ll just surprise Jen with it. Heh. What a sweet thing to have - a secret surprise for someone.

Jen? I’ll bring you the tiny swatch on Saturday, though, along with the red lace scarflette and another swatch I’ve done. Saturday is the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival and unless Dad is not doing well, I intend to be there. 9:30 to deliver my entries, 10:00 for a class with Annie Modesitt, 12:30 for lunch with any Knitters Review Forumites who are there.

Tonight is supposed to be my WW meeting and it’s the first one I’ll have missed since I joined last May. Normally I’d make up a missed meeting by going to another one near by on Saturday but not this week. I’m of two minds about what to do - but I may hit a meeting at the WW center near my parents' house. (that’s what one mind thinks, the other probably doesn’t think at all). The big issue, though, is eating at my parent’s house. I didn’t learn to eat a diet of chocolate candy, ice-cream and mayonnaise on my own. Nearly every cubby, drawer, cabinet and jar is filled with high fat, high calorie, low nutrition food and when I visit, it’s reeeeealy easy to revert to early childhood and assume all decisions made by them are wise. The plan is to pack along all my own food so I can be sure of not instantly putting on all lbs. lost over the past 4 months. Sort of an exercise in adult behavior.

I’m put to mind of something OhWiseOne LD said last winter when he visited for a weekend ... “I don’t remember all these sodas and all this ice cream in the house when I lived here.” What is it about your kids leaving home that makes one instantly become a junk food junkie? Because, I don’t remember my folk’s house quite so full of sodas and ice cream when I was a kid either. My take on this is that when one is in charge of “raising healthy minds in healthy bodies” one makes sure the choices those minds have are limited to only what is good for them. Once that responsibility is gone we slip back into our natural child and gobble up SaturdaysAtTheMovies fare. After all, nobody is watching.

My final comment, on which I may elaborate at another time, is on all these damned black clothes in the stores. What is with this black stuff? It is just so ugly! It’s not chic, the way a slinky black dress is chic. It’s not even a rich vivid black color. It’s a flat, dull, lifeless shabby looking black. I have been doing a good bit of mall walking lately - way too many trips to the city, with a newly svelte figure to clothe - and for the life of me - every suit that exists is black. I am sure there are many blue eyed ash blondes who are happy to wear the only other color out there - taupe - but what in the world is wrong with having at least one item in every color each season, so that everyone can find something to buy. Any color in the warm half of the color spectrum would be welcome but good lord, just about all that is available is black. There is even a shop in one of the new up-scale malls that sells only black and white. Who on earth can be that colorless?

The last time I saw this much black was in London and it was the saddest thing. Everyone there looked like a robot. Perhaps this is the trend in LA or New York, but Lord preserve us in the south from the Black-and-White disease.

Ha! I knew I could find something to complain about. So there, Marg, that is the other sort of Virgo.

I hope folk don’t mind my teasing about horoscope signs and supposed personality traits so delegated to them. It has been all tongue in cheek and I hope that has been apparent.

If I’m silent for a while, you now know why. The world should right itself over the next week.

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