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Monday, September 01, 2003  


Here are the instructions of the technique I gave KnitDad for putting in intarsia designs when knitting a circular piece.

· Select a place that is the least conspicuous spot in your sweater where you won’t mind a little “seam” line. Center back works, or perhaps in a sweater, a side seam. You will work with two stitches, creating a bit of a zig-zag.

· When you come to your intarsia design, add the new color and knit the pattern, drop the color and begin the next/original/second/other color.

· Knit to the seam stitch, slip that stitch to your right needle, bring the yarn forward between the two needle tips, slip the “seam stitch” back onto the left needle, take the yarn to the back between the needle tips, and turn your work around. (Wrap & Turn)

· Now purl back, picking up the design yarn, which is waiting there for you, and purl the design.

· Drop that color, pick up your original color and knit around to the wrapped seam stitch.

· Purl the wrap and the stitch together

· Wrap & Turn the next stitch.
· Turn your work around and knit back, working the intarsia design as above.

· Knit the wrap and stitch together

· Wrap & Turn the next stitch

· Keep on in this manner until your intarsia design is complete.

VOILA! You are a knitting genius.

In other news, LD is standing his last duty and will be back for good Tuesday night. Oh? That isn’t news? Well, it’s only the most exciting thing in my life right now, so I’m bound to repeat myself.

Finished another swatch for Jen, a sock weight super wash merino in lovely reds. And spun a bit on the merino/cashmere - It’s a tricky bit of spinning - and I am also very clumsy with things right now because I pulled up all the hitchhiker weeds in the garden. Four heaping wheelbarrows full. There are still mountains of weeds to pull, but these had to go before their seeds matured or I wouldn’t be able to work in the garden at all till next spring.

I’m always planning on doing a fall clean-up. I have only ever done one. But if I don’t teach classes this fall - and it doesn’t look like I will - then I really ought to attend to the garden. Why is weeding in March so much fun and weeding in October so dreadful?

Okay - today I plan to savor a delicious day off. It’s rainy. It’s fairly cool. I don’t have anything I have to do, though the house is dirty. Sheryl comes on Thursday. I can wait. Especially if we just get in the car and go somewhere. Or I can spin or hunt up my missing knitting needles. I will knit, at least a little, on the SGV. It’s just a holiday. I can do anything or nothing. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

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