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Sunday, September 07, 2003  

Glad to see Blogger is back up and running. Of course, there’s not much knitting or spinning to report - I’m at the dull “Finished another pattern” stage of the SGV. It is zipping along faster now that I’ve taken off about 20 stitches across the front but there are 18 more to decrease and 6 more patterns to knit. Perhaps I shall get some done today.

Yesterday was laundry day - but laundry with a capital L. I don’t have a dryer - beyond a big blue sky and a golden sun. Unfortunately, we’ve had gray clouds with rain for the past 3 weeks. Our own collection of GreatUnwashed was augmented by LD’s supply. I have a vast capacity to ignore that which I can not change - been praying about that many a year - and besides, we can always just shut the door to the laundry room. But clear crisp skies and perfect temperatures and an enormous clothes line erased all evidence of my sloppy housekeeping yesterday. Not just washed, but folded and put away.

Thank you, thank you. I will now take a much deserved bow.

For over a year, LD has been planning a meandering trip out west, to visit the prairie - to go hunting - to feel the bigness that is the other side of the continental divide. Today he leaves. (Unless I can tempt him with a trip around Lake Anna) We had gotten used to him visiting now and then, and heading back to the Navy. Each day was a treat and the wave good-bye was soft on the tear ducts. For some reason, this departure feels much more like the aching separations of those early college years. Who would believe empty nest could strike twice with the same child. It’s not really the same, though, it’s just that we are now savoring his presence with an eye to permanency.

My copy of SpinOff came on Friday and for some reason I haven’t been settled enough to sit down with it. I’ve skimmed featherlightly but not really read anything. But ooo it’s a gorgeous issue. I would like to sit and spin - and thought I would get some in this weekend but I realize that I have a lot of obligatory stuff on my fiber plate right now - stuff that just sneaked up onto the plate when I wasn’t looking. Suddenly my hobby is a job!!! Yikes! What have I done?

It’s not that I don’t want to do each project I have lined up. It’s that I have put deadlines on them that involve other people - like a gift list, only it’s not gifts!! It’s just stuff that has to be done. What was I thinking (or not thinking) of?

I have been spinning - and shopping - for a year now, and I haven’t spun enough of anything yet to make a sweater. I have about 1/3 of a sweater in 2 yarns and enough fiber for half a dozen more. What is wrong with this picture?

Okay - I won’t finish any more paragraphs with rhetorical questions. I probably won’t finish all my projects either, but here’s hoping I’ll get SGV done in time to enter it in the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival - where I’m registered to take a class from Anne Modesitt on finishing. I mostly knit ITR (in the round) but I would knit flat pieces if there was a good reason to and I’d like to feel more confident that I could do a good job should I choose to.

The coming week offers so many treats. First, the weather is expected to be superb - low 80’s or high 70’s and no rain. The nearest Fiber Guild starts it’s 03-04 season and though it’s a pull to get there, I think I shall attend. It means playing hooky from work on Monday morning but I have the leave time so I’m going to “slip down to Wycomico Church” which is a much lovelier drive than the one when you “slip over to Richmond”. Then there is a meeting of all the library directors in the city on Thursday and Friday. This doesn’t appeal nearly as much since they suddenly changed the line-up of programs and dropped the only one I really wanted to attend. But it does offer me the opportunity to spend the night in the city and check out the new MegaUpscaleHighPricedTrendyShoppingCenterOutdoorMall that just opened.

Sigh. I adore shopping, especially clothes shopping. I wish, sometimes, I had the money to buy indiscriminately, though in all honesty, I am far more comfortable on a budget. I am secretly glad I have to make a BigDeal out of shopping. I can’t fit it into my daily, or even weekly, routine. But I do like it to be convenient. The trip to my folks house takes me past two nice, unostentatious, moderately-priced, solid, plain-wool-coat types of shopping malls. I am utterly mystified when I hear that people go to Northern Virginia to shop and the thought of going to New York to buy clothes is a concept that can’t fit into my sleepy southern brain. I mean - where would anybody wear those 5 inch high, pointy toed shoes?!? I’ve seen them at Pentagon Mall in NVA and they look like clown shoes or, perhaps, caricature shoes. Well, come to think of it, they look like slut shoes. They’re pointier than something even Barbie would wear.

So now two enormous shopping centers, touting the “High End Shops you find in Tysons Corner”, luring customers further and further out into the ‘burbs, open this month. The city newspaper, which is the one we get out here in the country, has spun into a frenzy of reporting over the summer. There was an aerial photo of the first place that looked like the burn circle of a flying saucer. 5,500 parking spaces. I’m not exactly sure I want to be anywhere there are 5,500 people.

But then, I think, “Oh, yes. I do”. At least, I want to go look. And the 2 days of meetings in Richmond offer me some free time in the evening, so - to market I shall go. I’m broke right now. The cash flow situation that nipped me in June has not let go yet. And I’m not buying clothes till mid-October when I’m a whole lot closer to reaching my WW goal and am moving into maintenance mode. But it will be fun to look. Fun to try on stuff. Fun to see what it’s like shopping in an up-scale market.

More importantly, though, the gals at the Prescriptives counter said they had to move out to the new west end mall. Cripes. It’s bad enough I have to go all the way to Richmond to buy make-up, now I have to drive half way to Charlottesville. So, it isn’t a question of “do I want to go”. I have to. (“What the he...?” you are asking. “You drive 70 miles to buy make-up? Are you crazy? It’s not even a yarn shop!)

Shrug. What can I say? Each of us has her price.

Best of all, though, this week each day brings me closer to my birthday. I adore birthdays. I love yours. I love my son's, my husband's, my girlfriends'. But most of all, I love mine. I feel sorry for folk who didn’t get to be born in September - that NewBeginning month for kids. The fresh, bountiful, rich, full-of-promise month that begins the holiday season. From Labor Day through the New Year, there are Monday Holidays, secular holidays, religious holidays, and my birthday. It’s not a “special” birthday. I’ll be 51. It’s just a special day. We may not do anything other than eat out. (I believe it’s in the Constitution - one does not cook on one’s birthday - Article 27, paragraph 5.)

Ahh. I see blogger is open and LD is awake. Off to post this tidbit. Happy Sunday to you all!

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