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Thursday, September 11, 2003  

Another perfect morning in the country - blue skies, frosty dewdrops on grass and trees, tail-wagging dogs longing for a brisk walk and, best of all, a leisurely time-table. Yes! Today’s meetings don’t begin till after lunch so if I leave early enough I can get in some quality window shopping.

Didn’t get a stitch knitted yesterday, but I’m taking SGV with me. I believe I dreamed about it last night. Well - I shall post photos of it whe it’s done. Probably ‘round the 22nd. I’ll be sure to take a picture before I cut the steeks too - for steeked projects, especially ones with v-necks, always look so strange.

I’ve been following two threads lately, one on KnitU about stash and guilt, and Catherine’s disgust with insincerity cloaked as sweetness. Both issues prompt much thought - albeit disorganized thought, but both worth commenting on. About stash - I am all for it - up to the point where it feels like I am not hoarding, but mindlessly buying out of habit. I have a ton of yarn and wool fibers and some folk would laugh in disbelief and ask “You call that stash?” while others would gasp in disbelief and ask “When do you think you’ll ever use that all up?”. To both I can only answer with a shrug. I like enough stash. I don’t like doing something mindlessly. I like to feel that there is room for a little more magic. I hate being cash strapped (which I’ve been for months now) and yet, if I have to be, I’m mighty glad there’s extra in the bins. Extra of everything.

As for what Catherine calls girlywomen - well - I don’t like anybody who’s mean, especially if that person is mean to me. But I don’t hate sneaky, insincere, manipulative women more than bullying or stonewalling stupid men. Rats are rats, no matter how they demonstrate their rattiness. I’m more generally dismayed by a pervasive greedy selfishness I see in my own generation - the baby boomers. I don’t say other generations don’t have their fill of greedy selfish folk - but I do think there was a mountain of “gimmee” behavior portrayed in the glory days of the ‘60s and that same behavior, cleaned up and put into suits and Volvos, seems still there. I was always disgusted at how the “free living” hippies would shun you as wickedly as any sorority crowd of the ‘50s did - just that the uniform was cheaper to buy. “Don’t smoke pot? Don’t hate your parents? YOU aren’t one of us.”

Not that I longed to be one of “them”, but I didn’t see any more honesty in my generation than I saw in my parents' or in any subsequent generation. What I saw was the assumption, reinforced by a media that never stopped talking about them, that we boomers were IMPORTANT merely because we existed. Along with that I saw a smuggness, bordering on sneering, that was frequently demonstrated by a grab-all-you-can-get and whine-if-you-don’t-get-it attitude.

Mostly I take people as I find them, one at a time. I find plenty of nice boomer folk, but alas, any crowd of people creates a Crowd-With-An-Attitude and I find my own age-group's attitude particularly difficult to stomach. Isaac Asimov writes about the psychology of the group in many of his Foundation novels and I find it a very revealing concept. He says nobody can predict what any individual will do, but if you mass enough of them together, you can pretty much predict what the crowd will do. It’s always seemed to me that the boomers have consumed too much, blamed everyone else, and whined when they didn't get their way. It seemed that way to me when I was 17 and it seems that way still. Worst of all, they do it all with sanctimonious faces filled with confidence that they are “doing it all for your own good.”


Another reason I live in the sticks. Sticks don’t have opinions or generations nor do they practice manipulative behavior.

Be away tomorrow and back on Saturday when I will answer the big question:

Did she finish the SGV?

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