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Tuesday, September 23, 2003  

And what have the heavens decided to give us today?


Yep. It’s pouring down right now. No wind, just steady flooding rain. Thanks a bunch. After the summer of ‘02, with it’s weeks of killing drought - so bad the leaves fell off the trees in August!! - I can finally say I have had enough rain.

Life opened back up for me yesterday. Went in to work and was sooo glad to see nothing had gone haywire with our computer network - even Internet access was back up again by mid-morning. The wreckage from the storm grows worse the farther south one goes but is still not enough for the county to be declared a disaster. Tough on the dozen or so families who’s entire homes were either washed off their foundations or crushed beneath trees. I am really, really aware of how fortunate we were this go’round.

I am not knitting on the SGV. I’m not even sure why I’m not except it’s that old ENFP hate to finish it stuff. Or perhaps little knitting fairies are staying my hand each time I start to screw up. My wonderful mother had a saying about sewing and errors - After 4 mistakes, put it down. After that you grow frustrated and make 40 mistakes. A period of reflection will soothe your mind, relax tightening muscles, and frequently make obvious the little step you need to take to move forward.

And so it was for me. I was struggling with the first pick up of stitches for the armhole band - started with the wrong end of the ball - discovered a flaw in the yarn while picking up, realized I’d slid over into a different column of stitches right where the bust is most visible - ripped out but not enough!! ARGH! At that point I set it aside and, since it was my birthday (this happened on Sunday) took up the red lace scarf and let BD drive me to Hunt Country Yarns for a birthday present followed by a dinner out in F’burg. ooooo some things are so sweet. And as a present we bought my very own, personal, belongs to me, doesn’t need to be returned to the library, copy of Barbara Walker’s 2nd treasury of knitting. Ahhh that feels so good to think about. Plus one of Horst Schultz’s patchwork knitting books. I’d seen 2 of them and read the article in Knitters Mag. and really wanted one of his books. I know it’s just mitered knitting and other knitters have made grand contributions to this form of knitting, but the truth is - the colors in the Schultz books are what really grabbed my mind and wouldn’t let it go. I didn’t buy the book last winter when I visited HCY and it’s just nagged at me ever since. A quick call to Bob Kelly staked my claim on the book - he is probably glad it’s sold at last, since it’s been in the shop almost a year now - and everybody is a winner!

And the final good thing about ListeningToYourMother is that as I lay drifting awake this morning I realized something IMPORTANT I have to do to the SGV before I start picking up the stitches for the button and arm bands. I have to make sure the edges of the steeks are trimmed evenly. Stupid mistake avoided, all because I do what mama says.

(don’t I look smug?)

I promise that one of these days there will be pictures of the beauty - just not today.

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