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Saturday, September 13, 2003  

And the answer is:


I did get some rounds in during the looooong slow portion of the morning, but they’d so dimmed the lights in the auditorium, my eyes began to throb after about 1 pattern. In the hotel room Thursday night I succumbed to watching mindless television. Our TV died in 1975 and we only replaced it in 2001 with a box and a VCR but no antenna or satellite. There is no cable in the country so we are limited to whatever we bring into the house in our hot little hands. Even most of that is difficult for me to sit still and watch. 30 years away from that particular media format has left me with extreme intolerance for inanity. Whole generations of television shows have lived, died and been reincarnated as re-runs outside of my ken. There isn’t even any nostalgia left for me to enjoy. And the rule in our house is “You don’t have to do something that makes you miserable.” so frequently I walk out after the first 15 minutes of a movie.

Nevertheless, something about a hotel room stimulates the long dormant couch-potato gene and it’s not unusual for me to flip on the box the moment I walk into the room. I caught the tail end of My Fair Lady and Meet Joe Black and another version of Sandra Bullock being a clown. She is a very good slapstick comedienne, but I wish she’d take (or be offered) at least some other sort of role - I suspect she has some real acting skill beyond getting teary eyed while she slips on the banana /down the stairs /on the stage.

Hmmm. Puts me in mind of a favorite actor of mine - Ralph Wait - of The Waltons fame. Did you ever see him in Five Easy Pieces? I sat through most of the movie before I realized he was playing the role of Jack Nickolson’s older brother! Unlike the mega-star, whom I’ve never seen in anything other than films portraying himself as a psychotic, Wait completely transformed himself, merely by moving his body differently and making slight alterations in his face - alterations he could maintain throughout the entire movie. Kindly, wise John Walton could become prissy, waddling, impotent piano playing brother. While I understand and admire the craft of making it consistently through an entire film, I am enthralled by the true artists who can become someone new without special effects - and stay that way throughout the same entire flick.

BTW - I did get to the SuperMegaUpscaleHighEnd
on Thursday a.m. I was underwhelmed. It is okay. At least, if I lived way out beyond Gaskins Road, I’d be glad it was there. But it was just okay. The stores seemed a little empty. It was extremely hard to see them because it is an Outdoor Mall. Or maybe the add copy called it a Court-Yard Mall or hmmm a Village Experience. Anyway, what it all means is that you have to leave each store to go to the next one. You walk along a sort of PackMan trail that skirts the outdoor courtyard, zigging and zagging around corners, to get to each shop. It looks like a California Concept to me. I mean - who the heck is going to shop there in the winter? or even on a really rainy day? We can have crap weather for 6 weeks at a time? Sure, our average daily temperature may be 75, but that doesn’t mean doodlysquat. It means it’ll be 98 degrees with 98% humidity 98 days out of every summer. Would you want to keep walking in and out of the A/C just to go from Nordstroms to Hechts? And what about winter slush and rain? The advantage of a good shopping mall is that you don’t have to wear your coat while you’re shopping!

And speaking of Nordstroms - they have a cocktail pianist playing easy music - a little schmoozy for me, but nice - but they also have a cafe - and a loud speaker system where they call out your name when your table opens up - a digital voice - and it is the most crass techno- vulgar thing, to hear your name blared out across the store, like you were a recalcitrant student being summoned to the principal’s office - clashing with what is supposed to be the elegance of live music. Am I just entirely too picky or is it my pure Virgo-essence coming into its own in my birthday month?

Well - I hate failed attempts at elegance. I’d rather have an honest vulgarity. Give me redneck any day over nuveau riche.

The good news? The Perscriptives counter at the in-town mall did not close so I can pick up my favorite goop when I visit my folks.

So what does that have to do with fiber or knitting? It’s raining. Henri is leaving us a damp kiss. I will knit away cum diligentia. I completely forgot about looking at buttons while in the city. Fortunately, I bought out half of a fabric store’s stock of buttons about 20 years ago. They were closing and had dumped it all into 2 bins. I suspect I can find enough purple buttons to finish this up.

Well! I just opened the back door and found a dog! Seems Socks spent the night on the back porch to get out of the rain. Usually she sleeps beneath a building we have across the yard, or in the dog house at the edge of the woods. Ahh the fragrance of rained-upon pup. I will be so glad when it gets cold.

I am rambling - so I’ll sign off now. A splendid Saturday to you all and may all your skeins untangle.

posted by Bess | 8:12 AM