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Monday, August 25, 2003  

Yesterday was really a day worthy of my most poetic effort - only I slept so late this morning I haven’t time to wax eloquent. Suffice it to say it was a glorious day. Slept late, knit a silk lace swatch out of a sample of hand dyed yarn Jen gave me, (ooo la la .. I want enough for a scarf!! soooo elegant), listened to 2 disks from the 4 disk set of Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen we bought at the concert, (wept through most of it because it so filled me with nostalgia - gad, I was 25 again and a young wife with baby), took a boat ride with BD (in his NewBoat) and strolled down the long mile walk on TheIsland.

Air so crisp and clear you could see blades of grass blowing a mile off. Deer so fat and plentiful both dogs could chase to their hearts content. Still fawns, half grown but spotted yet, silhouetted against the midnight green of hedges. Water reflecting the blue blue blue of a cloudless sky. Gentle talk. Utter happiness.

And I didn’t do one thing of the stuff I was supposed to do. Like iron 15 transfers onto 15 T-shirts for the 15 All Star Reader Volunteers we had at the library this summer. The party is Wednesday!!! Yikes!

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