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Sunday, August 24, 2003  

Yes! Just as I predicted (after looking at the heat broke and yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day. And in the evening BigDarling and I went to Fredericksburg to attend the final Bluemont Concert of the season.

Well, who wouldn’t, if he were a bluegrass fan. Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen were singing! If you know and love bluegrass music you were either there, or you are jealous right now. It was a splendid concert - and the Bluemont Concert series is a true bargain. Entry fee is $5.00 per adult! the concerts are held at the old Maury High School stadium, smack in town, an easy stroll through one of the loveliest neighborhoods you could find.

We often just drive to F’burg and walk around this pretty cluster of streets. When we wanted to build a large screened porch, we walked all over the place, looking at other folk’s porches. We found a beauty of classic proportions with tasteful columns and, with the owner’s permission, made sketches of the details. then BD came back and built one for us, just off the dining room, with a view North over the gardens and a glimpse of Occupacia Bay through the fringe of trees along the bank.

The Country Gentlemen play an important role in my memories of our early years here on the farm. We lived in a state so modest most people would call it poverty. (My dad referred to our cabin as “that tar-paper shack”.) It was all by choice - it was our little experiment with living the LittleHouseInTheBigWoods lifestyle - part of the back-to-the-land movement left over from the hippie era. The story of our life in;

first, a rain- soaked pup tent;
second, a yurt and
only after 6 years, in a conventional house,

is something I am always promising myself I’ll write down. But it’s such a big task - we had so many adventures and so many misadventures! We got pregnant immediately, btw, while still living in the tent, but we brought home LittleDarling to the yurt - in a car that still had 4 weeks worth of dirty laundry in the trunk. ahh. those days. They were mighty sweet.

But woven through those earliest years are the songs we listened to on the little battery operated am/fm radio BD’s mom gave us. Bluegrass had just knocked on my consciousness and I was utterly enthralled with it’s sound of men’s voices and plucked strings. I have always had a deep primal response to men singing. Even my dad, who never could carry a tune, could sing to me and make me feel safe, encompassed, enfolded, and loved. The CG’s songs were sung by local bands at parties around here when we were young. They still are, actually, but that’s how I stumbled upon them. RH told us about WAMU’s afternoon bluegrass radio show and the F’burg country music station had a Tuesday night bluegrass show as well.

But it was the songs that the CG sang that I fell in love with. Two Little Boys, Bringing Mary Home, and of course Fox on the Run I can't even type the last song without hearing those harmonies in my ear. LittleDarling and I would be at home in the late afternoon, usually gathering close to the house after days of rambling in the woods and fields. Between age 2 and 4 he and I had more fun, just before starting supper, listening to those songs, trying to copy down the words so we could learn them and sing along - and even making up funny words to go along with some of the tunes. LD inherited the music-less ear of both his grandfathers, but to this day he loves bluegrass music. I think I’ll ask him if he remembers trying to learn Rebel Soldier with me.

Lord - not only one fantastic concert last night, but a trip down memory lane.

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