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Friday, August 15, 2003  

Well, my dears, the short rows are done and I’ve worked three rounds, picking up the wraps and beginning the decreases for the v-neck in the first round. I’ve calculated that I need to decrease 19 or 20 stitches on each side of the center steek. I’ll make the decreases every third row. That will be about 60 rows of knitting up an 8 (or 16) row pattern. Each 8 rows makes an inch of knitting so these decreases will take me about 7.5 inches up towards the shoulder. I’m thinking I’ll need about 10 - 11 inches to go from armhole to shoulder. Probably 11, since I want to put 1 inch of either garter stitch or ribbing border around the armhole once the steek is cut and then do a three needle i-cord join along the shoulder.

I’ve steeked away 18 stitches which makes knitting go a good bit faster. Why so few stitches make such a difference I don’t know, but the whole project feels smaller. And of course I’m also taking off 2 stitches very 3rd round - forgot about that. And I went ahead and knit only 1/2 of the 16 row pattern into the short rows so the pattern in the front will be slightly different from the one in back. It will never show because the armhole divides the rows. Because the hexagon design is completely symmetrical - [slip 1, knit 5] for 6 rows, 2 rows of purple knitting every stitch, then [knit 2, slip 1 knit 3] for 6 rows, 2 rows of purple knitting every row - the eye will never see that there are 8 more rows of design in the front than in the back.

Oh - and I found the missing stitch - I did something stupid around the steek - basically turned my 5 stitch center front steek into a 6 stitch center front steek. This too won’t show in the finished project, so long as I make the decreases on both sides of the center steek the same number of stitches away from one of the purple slipped stitches. After I cut the steek, I can pick up for the button band in whatever stitches will create the perfectly balanced pattern - too many steek stitches are better than too few in a case like this.

Well - reading discussions about knitting when there are no photos or diagrams must be tedious beyond belief. I write this all out as much as a record for me about how I am designing this vest as anything else. That’s why I go ahead and leave my errors in thought and design. I sort of like to see how I got somewhere.

I’m off to play today - going to Williamsburg - as in Colonial Williamsburg - my favorite Idle-the-Afternoon-Away place. S and I used to go there every other month to eat at the Trellis, but our lives have gotten a little too busy to do that lately and besides, they hired a business manager at the Trellis and it’s not quite as good as it used to be. I’ve actually had a few "Eh, so-so" meals there. I’m glad now, that I frequented the place when it was at it’s peak - when Marcel Desaulniers, himself, used to stroll through the restaurant chatting with diners - when Casey’s was still open and wealthy Williamsburg ladies would don evening wear and saunter about the dining room stopping at your table to show you a lovely frock you might like to wear at some festive, holiday event. La - it was utterly fun.

Those days are gone now that some Harvard MBA manager type has taken over restaurant operations and Barnes and Noble bought the building Casey’s was in, but I tell you, The Trellis still makes a soda bread you would crawl on your knees to taste.

Anyway, S and I will dine someplace delicious, preferably al fresco, and do a bit of shopping.

Gad, I love Fridays off.

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