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Wednesday, August 13, 2003  

Well, drat. The eye piece cushion thingey on my glasses has broken off and now there’s a little metal stick poking into my nose. Since the optician is closed on Wed. I’m gonna have to use tape. Rats.

Hello, Jill! I learned this tip from my Mother in law. The first time we used it was when LittleDarling really was little. He was weeping with the pain of a really nasty splinter and horrified at the thought of me picking at it with a needle. It was late in the evening - near bedtime, and she came in with this piece of bacon fat and a band aide. She had an explanation, but the proof was when the splinter came out easily the next morning. We've used that trick ever since and each time we do, we indulge ourselves with remembering Granma and talking about her and keeping the spirit alive.

No knitting report - but maybe I will get those first two rounds of the steeks done before work today. And I go in late tomorrow so I’ll put some time in on it in the a.m. A bit nervous about it but only a little bit.

Last night was WW and H and I had our consultation with the group leader about FinalGoals. The two of us had been discussing this for a while already and adding the input of the leader - who is not in love with either of us, so less likely to indulge us, was good. We’re both pleased, both happy, both fitting into the world better these days, and both confident we’ll get where we’re going. Can’t ask for much more than that. For anyone wondering, my loss was a rather substantial 2 lbs.

Ah well. These Wednesday posts are always brief. Think I’ll go hunt up that tape.

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