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Monday, August 18, 2003  

This has been the stickiest summer I can remember in 30 years. We’ve had other long wet summers, but this one, I believe, is the longest. The last time I remember unending rain was in 1975, when BD and I had just moved to the country. Innocents straight out of city rental property, with starry eyes and romantic fancies, we lived for 2 months in the army buddy pup-tent my FiL had in the army-circa WWII! That summer, while I watched the rain put out the camp fire - leaving us with only a half cooked pot of navy beans for a meal, and BD built the cabin in the rain, grateful for hand tools, we frequently sat in the car with a carton of cigarettes and 2 cross-word puzzle books. Well, we were young and invincible and time has shown us some truths and given us some wisdom (we no longer smoke, at least).

It has also brought me the joys of fiber and a lovely outdoor grill. This has proved to be the perfect tool for dyeing fibers without endangering kitchen counters and steaming up the house. Yesterday my 4H girls had their fiber dyeing lessons. It’s been 3 weeks since they were last here and both had been on family trips or to camp, so they had only a little yarn, all in singles. they also brought some washed locks. These went into the large pot to soak while they plied up their yarn - each ending up with about 20 yards of bulky weight yarn.

With yarn in to soak, we began mixing up the kool-aid pots - one purple (Grape), and one blue (Berry Blue). The two fleece the girls are working with are sufficiently different in structure to tell them apart fairly easily, so they each took 1/2 the pot, dividing it down an imaginary line between the handles, and placed their wool gently beneath the dye. Onto the grill these went, to simmer for 30 minutes. While the two pots cooked, we laid out newspaper on the picnic table and they mixed up one of every color of koolaid with 1/2 cup of water. Experimenting on white paper towels, they chose their colorways and then began handpainting their yarns.

The whole process took pretty near 3 hours and everyone was thrilled with the results. Parents were as excited as the children and, of course, I was beaming with pride. The girls have one more class - a knit/crochet class to show them how to make a little coin purse out of the yarn they made. They’ll be done in time to enter them into the State Fair, should they wish to. This will probably be held on a weekday evening. I’m ready to have my weekends back for a while - since I hope to start up fall classes the last weekend in September.

I didn’t get anything done on my SGV yesterday - I actually took a nap! And visited with LD, who’s moving things out of his apartment. And tried desperately to stay on my diet. Yesterday was one of the few days I’ve had since I joined WW when I wanted to deliberately eat more than was allowed within the diet. I wasn’t hungry - I had the munchies. Had to do lots of tricky stuff with the mind to keep out of the kitchen.

And now it is Monday yet again. What does the week hold? Sounds like something to ask the Tarot cards.

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