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Friday, August 08, 2003  

There are 3 complete 12 row pattern repeats done on the vest and a few more rows of pattern repeat #4. This is good. This is very, very good. I only plan on knitting 5 repeats - with, perhaps, an additional 1/2 repeat, before I do a short row segment. In my idle daydreamy moments I’ve begun to imagine all the ways the Wrap&Turns will fail, but I’m determined to try them anyway. I’m out only a day’s knitting if they do fail and wowie wow if they don’t. I’ll finally have a horizontally striped garment that looks right on me.

The pattern looks even more like stained glass now that there are so many repeats. Even BD, who’s usual comment on my artistic endeavors is an “uh huh” floating up from behind a book, lifted the knitting (letting half a dozen stitches fall off the needles - it’s good I’m not nervous about that sort of thing!), examined it closely and said “knitted light shining through the filigree of a cathedral window”. High praise from that corner, hmm?

Something weird happened to the phones yesterday a.m. so BD drove me in to work, where I did all my important telephoning, checked out Knitting Glossary (which I’m going to go watch in a moment) and scheduled the farewell dinner for an employee who is leaving next week. BD went shopping for his mysterious boaty items and some ibuprofen for me. Rain fell like a solid thing, completely blanking out windows for moments at a time, but it was only drizzling when I headed home - to sleep the afternoon away! Nothing like sleep to cure one’s ills.

When I woke, I got such a happy phone call - Sheryl will be coming Friday - TODAY - so she’ll clean the house and I don’t have to hobble around trying to do it. And LittleDarling comes home tonight for the weekend, Yippee! I think I’ll buy a watermelon - the ones at the stand in town have been outstandingly good this summer. Melon balls can be made sitting down and, mixed with blueberries, that will be my no-cook contribution to the reunion meal. We shan’t be having a crowd here afterwards, as we have in the past, only a few friends who don’t mind casual and I can send BD out for ice and hot-dog rolls anytime.

But I confess - I’ll be glad when the reunion weekend is over. I hope we have no overnight guests - or only the one young girl from Fredericksburg - so I can dye fibers on Sunday. And so I can really feel like the pressure is off.

Thank you for your kind words, guys, about my stupid ankle problems. They are extremely embarrassing because they are chronic - and so - seem trivial since they crop up so often. They aren’t trivial to me, of course, but it doesn’t seem like there is much I can do about them either. I did get a new length of shock cord to use in my exercises. I’d lost the one I’d had for years and years, and I am wondering if these repeat injuries are the result of not doing my special exercises. Seems to me, this is the worst year I’ve had with ankles since the Dr. taught me the workout and I haven’t been doing it because I couldn’t find the cord. Well, BD got shock cord yesterday too.

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