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Tuesday, August 12, 2003  

Okay - Monday is over with only a tad bit of it rolling over into Tuesday. I didn’t do a lick on my stained glass vest except to slide 1/2 the stitches onto another circular needle and try it on. It’s the right length so the next time I pick it up - probably not till tomorrow, since tonight is WW meeting - I’ll begin the steek row.

I’m on a purple row, and plans are to:
· knit the 5 center steek stitches,
· knit 69 stitches,
· put the last 19 on a stitch older,
· knit 121 stitches,
· put the last 19 on another stitch holder,
· knit 50 stitches,


· knit 5 center steek stitches
· knit 50 stitches
· cast on - and here’s the rub - do I add 4 stitches to the 5 armhole steek stitches, and make my Wrap’nTurn’s only a stitch apart, or do I add 8 stitches to the 5 and put a stitch between each Wrap’nTurn. I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m considering trimming away all but 2 stitches of the steek when I turn it under to make a facing. Zeeess eeees all vaiddy eentairestink. - a bunch of steek stitches
· knit 102 stitches
· cast on same number of steek stitches
· knit 50 stitches

· switch to yellow yarn and knit in pattern across to middle of steek
· begin short rows

· next Big Issue - I had intended to knit only 1/2 a 12 row pattern’s worth of short rows and then return to knitting the whole thing - but if I do that, I’ll have to remember to switch from the second half of the pattern when working on the front, to the first half of the pattern when working on the back!

$64,000 question? Can Bess remember to switch her patterns in the armhole steeks or will she stupidly keep knitting either the front pattern or the back and screw up the design?

I believe I’ll need 5 patterns up the back from armhole to shoulder bindoff. But we’ll just have to see about that when we get there, right?

You have now had a glimpse of what’s really going on behind that interested looking smile and nodding head.

BTW, did you know that if you have a splinter that won’t come out, and you put a tiny bit of bacon fat on it at night, and hold it in place with a Band-Aid, by morning it will slip right out?

And one other bit-o-beauty - last night BigDarling called me out onto the back porch to breathe in the scent of the garden phlox, wafting across the midnight air. A rich beauty - particularly dear because he noticed it first.

Final knitting bit: when I have done some on those steeks I'll post pictures.

posted by Bess | 8:16 AM