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Thursday, August 14, 2003  

Okay - I began the steeks in the armholes yesterday and found I had 239 stitches in this sweater. Don’t ask me how - I am too nervous about doing this technique to worry about symmetry. I’ve completed the two purple rounds and will knit some this a.m. on the handpaint part. The next round I knit will have the short row in it. Why am I soooo nervous? It is just knitting, after all. I wonder just how long I’ll dance around this vest before I actually sit down and knit the stupid short rows.

All week I have been interviewing for a new employee at the library. I haven’t done interviews in over 10 years and it’s not easy when you are as inexperienced as I. We hired someone yesterday, which takes one load off my mind, but of course, adds a new one, for now we must begin training someone new. I’ll be working her hours for a few weeks to make sure she’s comfortable with the routine and the public - two different things, since the public is never routine. This means working late on Thursdays. This means I have more time on Th. morns to knit - or do housework so the weekend is free. At least, in theory that’s what all this means. Who knows what I shall truly do - perhaps goof off or daydream.

The ceiling fan in the living room died last weekend and we’re expecting 90 degree days this weekend. I believe Saturday would be a good day to go buy the new fan. More on the small appliance front - the dishwasher mysteriously began working again, much to my delight. There are chores and there are awful chores and there are hideous chores and then there is dish washing. Gad I hate that job. I’ve been using the machine and then running a siphon hose into a bucket to drain it after it’s through its cycle. But the last two times I ran it, it drained itself. hmmm. But I’m sure the two of them, fan and dishwasher, are communicating via electricity, and have conspired to keep me limping.

Sunday my 4H students return after 3 weeks. We are to dye the yarn they’ve spun and some of the fiber they have left (they have plenty). This should be a fun class since dyeing is so magical. We’ll do this outdoors and I must write instructions for them so they’ll be able to continue at home. August 24 is the last class - where we’ll begin working on the knitted or crocheted rugs/placemats/ whatever.

One of these days it will dry out around here and my house won’t smell like old dogs live in it. LD comes home this weekend, bringing stuff he’s moving out of his apartment. He’s selling all his furniture, except the two family pieces, to the next tenant so he’s only bringing home clothes, books and maps, but I suspect that will make a pretty good mountain. He finishes up his tour with the navy in early September and plans to drop resumes off around town, saying he’ll be available to work in January. Then he’s off on a long adventure out west, seeing the prairie at last, after longing to do so since I first read him Little House on the Prairie.

I can’t describe how happy it makes me feel to know he’s planning on living near by after being away for 9 years. What a glad tiding this is for this mom.

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