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Saturday, August 30, 2003  

The new Knitters arrived. I wasn’t sure if my subscription had run out or not, but I counted on the propensity of publishers to bombard you with renewal notices when you get really close to running out of time. My faith was not misplaced, either, for which I am glad. I really look forward to the autumnal offerings.

I’m a magazine junkie to begin with and I particularly enjoy knitting magazines. Our summers are so hot that by the time the fall comes I’m really ready for luscious thick, cable-y scrunchy knits. But deep cold weather that requires a coat won’t get here till December - if then - so gorgeous sweaters can be worn for everybody to see. The fall knitting magazines are such a welcome joy and such a promise of better weather to come.

I really enjoyed the designs in this issue. The cowl necked cardigan, Construction Zone, with its offset buttons, made my mouth water. Bit of a sucker for cowl necklines anyway, and I like the red yarn. Well, dang, I like everything about it, except the flat construction - but that’s just my little EZ circular quirk. The Cul-de-sac vest is elegant and just might tempt me too. Besides, I have deep admiration and respect for Elizabeth Lavold - only - I want to knit Ragnar first. 9-LaneInterchange is rather delicious looking cable knitting but I never wear boat necks. I hope someone I know knits it so I can just admire. Same with the Soft Shoulders design - another that would make my broad square shoulders look like your average linebacker for the Redskins. If I can ever get over my repugnance for the look of Noro Kureyon in it’s skein form, I will buy colorway #88 - enough to make at least some sort of sweater. The colorway they used in RoundTrip is just so utterly Bess. I was intrigued by the architecture of the sweater too. Those were the highlights in this issue for me - not bad to find 3 garments I’d like to own. Not that I will own them. Not that I’d ever try to make them. But certainly, I would love someone to give them to me. Well, at least, I wish someone would give me Construction Zone. In that very red.

Truth is, I haven’t made a design by someone else since 2000. I buy magazines for their inspirational potential, not for instructions. I am too slow a knitter to expect to reproduce someone else’s designs very often. I am prompted, inspired, encouraged and tempted by the creativity of others. But even if I wanted to copy a pattern in Knitters, I don’t think it would be possible. They have the worst layout for the instructions! I can’t believe anybody, even in some psychedelic dream, would come up with such a cluttery, complicated presentation. I suffer from mild dyslexia and a page with schematics, charts, two colors of text and brand new icons, is enough to give me a headache.

Don’t get me wrong - I like all that design information. I love a schematic. I prefer to read charts. I think it’s nice they offer suggested yarn weights instead of specific yarns, though I think they ought to put the name and # of yards of the demo yarn in bolder print, and for all sizes given. And on the little icon that is supposed to show length, width and sleeve length, they ought not draw the circle around the garment’s waist.

My complaint is that it’s just too darn many gratuitous icons. And icon’s that need to be explained merely heap insult upon injury. This is not a web page. I can’t click on the icons and get further explanations. It is a paper format and trying to jerk my chain around mixed media in a cluttery knitting document is a stupid gimmick. Puhleeze, XRX, give my poor eyes a break.

posted by Bess | 5:23 AM