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Monday, August 04, 2003  

A lazy day. What could offer more bliss. A do-nothing day. A napping day. A desultory reading day. A lie-beneath the fan and daydream day.

And yet, how much you can do on a day like that. You can lug the winter clothes up to the attic at last. You can pack up all the stuff you’re going to give to the Goodwill on Monday. You can fold the laundry and put it in the drawer. You can watch the last episode of The Vicar of Dibley and laugh till your dog lifts it’s head and stares at you. You can knit a few inches on your handpaint/Aurora8 vest that is looking like stained glass windows in it’s hexagon slipstitched pattern. You can dream up fall classes that you might teach once it grows cool and people begin wanting to nest and snuggle and maybe learn to knit.

I guess it must be August.

A bit more about the vest. The pattern is 16 rows which knit up to about 2 inches. Since I’ve decided to knit 10.5 inches from ribbing to armhole I’ll knit 5.5 patterns and then steek. And I’m going to give the short row Wrap-n-Turn in the steeks technique a try. I’ll add 1/2 a pattern in the front. I believe even that much extra length in front will help the wasitband stay level. If it doesn’t work, I’ll only have to rip back an inch.

Of course, in order to do wrap-n-turns in the steeks, I'll probably need some extra stitches. an ordinary steek in this weight wool would have 5 stitches. If I wrap and turn the same stitch each time I would only need 2 more stitches in the steek. It won't matter if there are holes in the steek where the wrap-n-turns are, since it's never going to show up in the sweater. As long as I have a stitch to sew in, and 2 stitches to fold under as facings, it shouldn't matter if there is a sort of eyelet bit on the front facings. Might even make it easier to tack the facings down. Well - it will be an interesting bit of knitting math.

I think I’ll do a garter stitch arm and neck band treatment and do it after I cut the steeks but before I join the shoulders via 3-needle bindoff; the way Meg Swansen did her vest in the Shawl Collared Vest.

And that’s that. Off to knit a few more rounds.

posted by Bess | 6:46 AM