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Sunday, August 17, 2003  

Knitting away on the stained glass vest, hereinafter to be referred to as SGV. I had a hard time working the decreases at the front in a symmetrical manner - undid the SSK decrease 3 times!! and still not satisfied with it. But it’s okay looking and anybody that looks that closely at my front had better be a lover. Also decided that, while most of the decreases will be 3 rounds apart, if one landed on the first of the two purple rounds, I’d knit that round plain and put the decreases in the second. otherwise the SSK puts a handpainted stitch on top of the purple one and makes a glitch in the purple round.

I also spun, plied, and set the twist on some of Jen’s hand dyed yarn. It’s a soft warm brown with hints of peach and a hidden green cast to it that makes it pewter colored in certain lights. I’m knitting her a swatch out of the 50 yards I spun.

Stayed up way too late at friends last night and now wonder how I’ll make it through the day. 4H gals show up about noon and I bet I’m taking a nap by 3:30. At least, I hope so.

One of these days I’ll update the site of the week.

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