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Monday, August 11, 2003  

I’ve knit my stained glass vest up to the armholes so it’s time to take the plunge and do my experimental short rows in the steeks part. Since today will be a particularly stressful work day - good stress, mind you, but stressful - I don’t plan to start on it till tomorrow. I want to knit it in my head before I try using yarn and needles.

I spent some time this weekend watching Knitting Glossary, Elizabeth Zimermann and Meg Swansen’s video of knitting techniques. I just woke up sort of missing EZ one day last week and it was a treat to hear their voices in my house again. I also ended up giving away several small skeins of hand dyed yarns, including the wrapping paper yarn I dyed and spun last month. The wrapping paper yarn spun up quite dark blue with all those other lovely colors. I’m going to try again 2 more times with this colorway - once in just lighter shades, and once again in the darker shades, but with more light space in between. I didn’t do any dyeing this weekend because A I was exhausted and needed a nap and B it was too muggy and hot and rainy looking. Also, BigDarling needed the Al Fresco Studio (a.k.a. the picnic table) to do something boatish. More alsos; LittleDarling was home and we sat long hours, listening to TalesO’theSea - the stories of a navy lieutenant’s life on a U.S. Submarine.

Harumph. I just spent some time with blogger, trying yet again to republish my archives. It’s a no-goer. Rats.

I’ve been staring hard at the calendar lately because time seems to be in it’s telescoping mode - bringing what I thought were far away dates waaaay too close. September is only 3 weeks away. My birthday is in September - the 21st - which is only 3 more weeks off. Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival follows swiftly 2 weeks later and 3 weeks after that is the Knitters Review retreat! Woven among these dates are all the fall holidays - and I suddenly feel overwhelmed with time - or perhaps I should say, with the paucity of it.

Well. This is like the story of the Three Sillies - here I am seeking out anxiety. Idiot. I best quit writing and go spin some.

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