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Friday, August 29, 2003  

I will be glad when Mars is out of our hair. I have had enough high tension stress to last this Cheshire Cat a lifetime. My usual response, when things get stressful, is to go to sleep. Unfortunately this is not an option 24/7, or even 20/5 or whatever other ratio one types into the equation.

I should say here that BD, LD, and I are in good health, good spirits, and good charity with each other. All the issues are in the lives of people I love. My task is to remember a wonderful quote from my children’s librarian “Each person has a suitcase full of stuff to carry around and only you can carry your suitcase. You’ll never be able to lift someone else’s.”

On my spinning wheel right now is a drop dead gorgeous red merino/cashmere fiber Jen sent me to experiment with. When I opened the box, in the library, all the staff clustered ‘round and a couple of hands reached out to touch the red at the same time, serenading each other with gasps and ooos and ahhhs. It is a vivid red. It’s a Snow-White’s-Lips red. It is simply, utterly, rederly red. Wednesday night I split half of it into small spinnable widths while BD read me a tale from the Arabian nights. Yesterday I sat down to the wheel and began spinning. Right away it insisted upon being spun fine. I’m somewhat in a hurry to get this stuff spun up, at least, to get enough spun to knit a swatch. I tried and tried to spin it at a worsted weight but it broke and whined and lumped up. So I went back to the fine spin and we’ll see what it becomes. I hope sport weight. I suspect it wants to be knit into lace. Imagine a black wool coat with a RED lace scarf. mmmmmm.

I did get another pattern done on SGV the other morning when I was prowling around the house sans Internet access. But nothing since then. And I swatched some super bulky handpaint Jen had sent and was reminded yet again how much I hate knitting with bulky yarns. I knit it with size 11 needles and got 2 stitches to the inch. I think I’ll rip out what I’ve done and try an experiment with those long loops that hang down like fringe.

I swear, some of the best time I’ve ever had with knitting is the imagining part before you ever pick up your needles.

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