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Sunday, August 03, 2003  

I make no claims as a housekeeper. I’m not a slob but I would never reach hotel standards. Usually I pay someone else to clean up around here but I she’s off for a month. Yesterday, by the time I’d done it all, including windowsills, ‘cause I live in the country in a house sans a/c, I was beat. I needed a nap, not needles. We spent a musical evening with friends, and I took my knitting, but the flowing wine and rich conversation did not create ideal conditions for increasing from the ribbing, done at 5 st. to the inch, to the body, which my swatch says will knit up at 6. Not just a 10% thing here, I have to go up 53 stitches over 182. Got half way ‘round and decided to just enjoy the flute duets. Besides, they needed a page turner.

But today is mine all mine. No students, no housework, no dooty stuff - I’m completely free to knit and spin and dye and enjoy. A gift day straight out of heaven.

posted by Bess | 6:57 AM