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Saturday, August 02, 2003  

I am so glad it’s August. We finished up the kiddy program yesterday and though overall participation was down a bit over last year, we had a huge crowd at this final program. It was still a hectic time at the library. And the gal from the Wildlife Center of Virginia was a fabulous presenter - a real ham, with 3 animals from the center who couldn’t take care of themselves in the wild and had to earn their keep by going on these shows. We invited the nursing homes to bring their ambulatory residents and the place was packed.

The rest of the afternoon we sort of mooched about, spent and dopey and glad we don’t have to do this again till next year. We always schedule the grand finale for a Friday.

So - what does August hold for me? With Jupiter heading into Virgo I am supposed to spend the month contemplating and shouldering the burden in partnerships. Hmmm. that doesn’t sound too fun to me. Scratch the horoscope.

We have the FamilyReunion on the 9th. But that’s pretty standard, with only the welcome addition of hiring someone outside the family to set up and take down the tables - my innovation, thank you very much, developed last year when I realized I was still cleaning up the church kitchen at 3:30 while I had a house full of guests at my house with no hostess. Not this year, by gum.

Two more fleece spinning classes for my 4H gals. One on dyeing and one on knitting. Not onerous at all there.

Okay, that about sums it up. Really nothing to keep me from concentrating on fiber. I put in 2 more rounds on my vest ribbing - not sure how deep I want it but I’m thinking 3 inches. Ribbing is so tedious. My purl stitches are so much looser than my knit that I have to go way down in needle size to get nice looking ribbing. I’m really thinking of learning Annie Modesitt’s combination knitting. It might even up the tension between my knit stitches and my purls. I’d like to be a tad bit faster too. I still prefer circular knitting with mostly knit stitches but that’s as much because I like working on the outside of a project as it is that I don’t like purling back.

I’ll have to calculate some more on the increases for the vest body since I’ll begin on that this weekend. I’m switching gauges once I move into the body part. I’m also contemplating what I will do about fit over the bust as I get close to the armholes. I’ll steek them the same way I’ll steek the v-neck but what will I do about my usual short rows. The pattern is basically horizontal stripes, though it’s built out of slip stitch hexagons I found in BW’s 1st Treasury of stitches book. I can, of course, forgo shortrows. But will the vest ride up in front? It’s going to be fairly short anyway - with the patternwork stopping just below my waist (which ain’t too far, baby, ‘cause I’m short-waisted as heck)

Could I add extra length by making the front shoulder sections longer?

Would I do this after the armhole steeks are cut?

Can I put in short rows and do all the Wrap’nTurns within the armhole steeks?

Can I make the whole vest longer and just let it bunch up in back? (ICK But that's what it would look like if it were store bought ready made.)

What if I make it wider in the front, set the armhole steeks off center? Would extra width in front provide enough fabric to keep the waistband from riding up?

Well, the answer to these questions is 10 inches away so best get knitting.

The more I think about it, though, the more I like the idea of doing short rows within the steeks. Innovative at least. And yeah yeah, yeah, I know. If I were just making this in flat pieces I could easily make the front longer but I just don’t want to purl half this thing.

One day I am going to take a class called Knitting Geometry. And If I can’t find a class, by golly I’ll teach one.

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