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Saturday, August 16, 2003  

A hot but happy day was had by both, down in muggy tidewater VA. Left the car to be serviced and let S do the driving. A copy of Folk Vests was in an early morning delivery of new books for the library so I took it along. Nice patterns - inspiring enough. I tend to like Cheryl Oberle’s designs and writing style. I’m not much of a vest wearer, though ... says the woman knitting a vest for herself this month. (head shaking and tsktsking)

The Trellis was nice, with fabulous bread, magnificent soup and a so-so entree. No desert for this WW gal, who had done enough water aerobics in the early morning to squeak under the point limit for the day.

LittleDarling just called and said he’d be home for dinner with boxes of stuff from his apartment. Can you see me smiling? Only we’ll be out with friends for an evening of music. LD, bless his heart, inherited from his grandfather both a tin ear and zero rhythm. Pop was an extremely handsome man - a young blade in the 1920’s, he rather looked like The Sheik, of movie fame. I once asked my MIL, who was extremely fond of dancing, if he was a good dancer and she laughed and said “no, he just stood there and sort of shuffled his feet. But he was so good looking it was a triumph just to stand in the middle of the dance floor in his arms.” Well, dancing plays a different role in courtship these days, so I suppose poor LD has to fall back on his wit and sense of humor. He has had a powerful education in all sorts of music - who wouldn’t with parents who met in music school? - but for the most part, he can take it or leave it.

So - the day dawns and it’s raining once again, but cool. How much can I get done on this vest?

I’m spinning up a sample of blended finn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I am completely in love with this fiber. It almost spins itself as it slips between my fingers. I want more!!

I promise - scans and photos next week.

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