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Tuesday, August 26, 2003  

Hmmm. Very few blog updates today. KnitDad being an exception, most of my regular stops quiet. This, just when I am wondering whatever do I have to post about. For some reason I am not knitting on the SGV. I have only 8 patterns left to go, but I’m not going anywhere. hrm.

I have a lovely bag of 25 yard samples from Jen that I’m wanting to knit up and suddenly I realize there is a flaw in my life. My needles are in complete disarray. I can’t find any of them. Now, I live in a fairly small house - 2 bedrooms, a living/dining combo, kitchen, den and some baths. I am sure I have at least one circular needle in every size but I can only find the pot of doublepoints, all size 3 and under, and the ridiculously expensive ebony circs. in size 7. I know I just dropped a bundle on an addi circ. size 11 to knit my Winter in the City hat, and I haven’t a clue where it is. Yet to look at my house you would say I was at least an okay housekeeper. Not a slob. Sort of artsy cluttery.

Something must be done.

And the small appliance curse is still in effect. I have 15 T-shirts that need transfers ironed on to them and I can’t get my iron to turn on. When you push the “on” button, it makes a nasty raspberry noise and then clicks off. This is not good. Another $25 right now is going to pinch hard.

Eh. But tonight is WW meeting and I always enjoy that. I’ll worry about the iron later. At Tara.

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