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Friday, August 22, 2003  

Hello folks.

I have had the sweetest encouraging letters from so many friends, so I thought I’d let everyone know what is going on. My daddy has had a serious health crisis. My folks live close enough to get to, but not close. It’s a 2 hour drive unless traffic in the city is light, like on Sunday mornings. And there’s no way but through the city to get to them. Fortunately there is a sister in same city who has broad shoulders and also different gifts to bring to the table. Together we can form a pretty strong familial net. There are other sisters, but they are flung far and the situation is not at the point where they must be reeled in.

And I have the greatest pillar of all right here at home, for BD holds me up 24/7.

I did get in 3 rounds on the SGV - knitting to the strains of Mozart’s A-major violin concerto, played on flute. BD was reading from the sheet music I used when I performed, lo those many ages ago, as a 9 or 10 year old, back in the old RPI Hibbs building, before the school became Virginia Commonwealth University. Oh. how lowering. That was 40 years ago! What does time think it is doing?!?

The vest is growing smaller all the time, since I’m still decreasing for the v-neck. I also have done some gentle mindless knitting of swatches using Jen’s yarns. It’s doodling with yarn. It’s utterly soothing. It’s like eating candy - it doesn’t have to go anywhere or become anything or do anything. It’s just a swatch.

And a call from LD last night brought sweet light to my heart. He’s going to be home in about 10 days. Only for a few days, of course, since he’s off on an adventure, but that somehow seems different. That is a vacation. His address will be Essex Co. And that is what has me grinning at odd moments of the day. It makes up for the buckets of tears I cried on another August morning waaaay back 9 years ago.

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