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Tuesday, August 05, 2003  

For Marg! Check out this site for info about the Vicar of Dibley and Dawn French. I saw the show in England last May and fell in love. When I got home, I bought the video set for our library and it’s proving to be very popular - well - this is an Anglophile part of the US. As my beloved Florence King says, The #1 hobby in the south is proving you are a descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Psssst If you’ve never been to the south or if nothing down there makes sense, you simply must read her Southern Ladies and Gentlemen.

Knit a bit more on my vest yesterday and got to thinking about those steeks. I believe I shall have to do each Wrap’nTurn on a different stitch. There will be 8 rows altogether in these short rows, with 4 turns in each of the armhole steeks. 4 plus the center stitch for sewing, plus 2 stitches on either side of the center stitch as for a traditional steek would mean a 9 stitch steek, with the extra stitches all on the front part of it. Also, I plan to do the Wrap’nTurns between the 2 extra stitches that would be beside the center stitch, since the Wrap’nTurn creates a little hole and I don’t want that right up against either the edge of the armhole or the stitch where I’ll cut.

Well. If this is confusing just chalk it up to the creative process - a messy thing at best. Especially since I’ve never done this before nor heard of anybody else doing it. I’ve seen posts on lists and forums asking about short rows in garments with horizontal stripes but I’ve never seen a satisfactory answer. It’d be cool if this works. I don’t think it would transfer over to a garment with sleeves though - unless the sleeves were not striped while the body is. I still don’t know how to incorporate bust darts into, say, a fair isle striped sweater. And nothing could be uglier than upward arching horizontal stripes across one’s widest part. I shudder.

While working on the vest last night, the gauge seemed to expand and instead of hunting down a ruler and checking, I just put it down and worried. Well, it was nigh on to bedtime by then anyway and I felt I needed to sleep on the possibility of ripping. I checked this morning, though and it’s just fine. Still knitting up at 6 st. to the inch.

* * * * * * * *

Diet question for the day. Why is it when one achieves a goal one immediately tries to flee from success by reverting to bad habits and succumbing to inappropriate desires?

Heh! Bet you can read between those lines. No sooner did I achieve a 10% weight loss than I began to A. Lust after excess snacks, B. Find reasons to miss going to the gym, C. Drink entirely too many glasses of wine at a dinner party and D. Resent having to limit and monitor my eating. I am sure I didn’t lose any weight this week and I only hope I didn’t gain any. But I was fascinated by the truly immediate desire to abandon all my good, new, but not quite yet, habits.

This Weight Watchers stuff has been so easy for me. All the healthy food has tasted delicious. Cutting way back on sugar, fat, and soda has left me with tons of energy. I’ve never been hungry and always been able to participate in the Treat&Party fare I’ve been around. Absolutely, it’s been fun to be able to wear favorite smaller clothes, to feel chic and svelte and great. I even had someone, whom I had not seen since May, tell me yesterday that I must be having a great summer. I look so refreshed and rested.

So what is going on? Why am I suddenly not in the mood, not enjoying healthy stuff, and resentful about having to pay attention and write it down? What is the appeal of Lots of junk food or snacks or whatever? It’s that combination of drooling over junk food and resentment about having to set limits that hit me so hard this week and which came as such a surprise.

Of course, the good part is that I am aware of what is going on - of how I’m feeling - and am able to at least see what is happening. In the past, the binge would overtake me and I’d go into an unconscious state of denial, only to wake up like some poor drunk, dazed, no idea where I was, with the empty bag of M&M’s clutched in my hand and a ring of chocolate around my mouth. Actually - I’m only partly joking about this. I really have blanked out the handfuls of trash I’ve put in my mouth in the past. A frenzy of eating it would be. Hmmm. well.

Well, anyway, this is the first time I’ve not looked forward to a WW meeting but probably this is the one most necessary for me to attend. And I’d go anyway - I’m hoping to encourage a friend and it will probably be just as good for her to see my setbacks as it is to see my forward strides. Besides, I don’t feel like I’m a failure - just surprised to see such an abrupt turnabout in my emotional state.

La de da - who cares about this stuff anyway?

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