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Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

A few more rows on my handpaint vest and I’ve 2 whole pattern repeats completed. It looks lovely too - and I’ve quit worrying about gauge. This slipped stitch design seems to spread wide as you are knitting it until you knit up that long slipped stitch and squeeze everything together again. I only had a half hour or so to work on it in the a.m. though because I go to the WW meeting on Tuesday nights and by the time I get home I’m too tired to knit. I nearly always make errors when I try to knit after 8 or 9 o’clock.

And I’ll knit a few rounds this morning too - Hope I can get this thing done this month.

For the curious - I lost another 1.4 lbs last week and am having to reassess my obsessing. I don’t mind having weird emotions - but I don’t like to have wrong ones. I like my emotions to be appropriate reactions to the stimulus. Right now I’m thinking that the mind is having to make as big an adjustment to weight loss as the body is. And thank you Marg for the virtual hug - I needed that a lot yesterday.

To turn the subject here - Larry - et. al HP readers - I had the hardest time reading HPV. I read 1-4 over one long 4 day weekend 3 years ago - a marathon HP experience where I stayed in bed all day till about 5, when I’d get dressed, make BigDarling drive me to a restaurant for dinner, and then come home and read into the wee dawn hours. And I loved ‘em. I was particularly interested in the complex relationship between Harry and Snape and in fact, believe that is the pivotal relationship in the book. That’s the real issue that will give this series lasting value, because the good vs. evil is a given. We expect this to work out - though of course, JKR may want to leave it unanswered or dangling or she may even let evil triumph, since no human has ever seen good utterly triumph over evil in the world yet. But what we all have to deal with in this world is how do we make things work with someone who hates us. It’s the pivot around which marriages spin; boss/employee situations dance; political, religious, ethnic and cultural clashes must circle. It sometimes seems to me it’s our only reason to exist - to work out these monumental differences; to find that point where we can connect. Perhaps when that unity exists, the good vs. evil issue can be resolved.

So what was so tough about HPV? well, for heaven’s sake, Harry became a teenager - a sullen, bratty, glum, irrational, self-defeating, naval-gazing, self-absorbed, I-am-the-only-thing-in-the-world teenager. With no faith or trust in anyone or anything, taking slight at every word or gesture and crawling into his hole so often he bored me to tears. In short - JKR gave us a lovely picture of, at least, the stereotypical teen. I suspect she’s living with one right now. Or with the friends of one. The trouble with stereotypes is.... they are so stereotypical. They are difficult to care about.

And the adults were just as black and white. Dumbledore’s confession in the end - it just got too .. it reminded me of the father’s confession in Chaim Potok’s novel The Chosen about the Hasidic father who never spoke to his teenage son - and poured out all his motives and methods to the son’s best friend claiming his deep and true love for said son. Sorry - but - bull. Yech. O.K. if you have to live your life out that way, you have to - but I’m not interested. And I think it’s sick and I think playing the “If you don’t know I’m not going to tell you” game is a major sick-o way to live life. And I don’t ever let BigDarling get away with it and by golly he never lets me. And we sure as hell didn’t raise LittleDarling that way either.

I found this time around I didn’t want to read the quidich parts which is too bad. I liked them a lot in the previous books. But it felt sort of “same old same old” to me this time around and since I was so bored with the whiny Harry, it was harder to stick with the details.

So, all this grousing and complaining about HPV is only to tell you how I reacted to the book as I was reading it. Because IDID read it and now that I’m finished I’m really pleased with where she’s taken the story. Weird, aren’t I? I think she hit lots of buttons dead on - because we are melodramatic and self-absorbed, arrogant, stupid and ineffectual; when we are green teenagers and when we are complaisant adults. Truth is - I think she’s done a good job with a difficult plot line that’s been sitting on the shelf so long it’s gotten stale. I hear the next book is due out in spring 04 - but I can’t site my source so consider that comment as gossip and rumor.

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Oh my goodness. Well. I am just halted right now with amazement. There is an uncanny way bloggers seem to get onto similar wave lengths. I have crushingly slow dial up access here at home and so I open several pages at once and while one loads I can read another. This is how I click through my list of favorite blogs in the a.m. so on Catherine’s blog she referred to
Pioneer Melissa who explained exactly what I was complaining about in HPV. Instead of making love to your misery, just say what you want people to do! For god’s sake, they’ll nearly always comply! And if they don’t, they aren’t your friends anyway. Well. There. All these fine minds chugging down the track together.

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