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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

Almost another fiberless day. But for Jen’s gift box of undyed roving and yarn, it would have been 100%. After a full day at work and a cocktail stopover to see L’s photos from Scotland there was nothing for it but to dine on the porch to the strains of Brahams 2nd piano concerto and the Appsionata, played by Sviatoslav Richter - BigDarling’s quintessential recording. And after that, while tossing watermelon rinds into the woods I slipped on some wet grass in one of the dogholes in the yard and crashed yet again onto my bad ankle. This is not good. The last time I had a spell of sprains like this was in 1985 and I really had hoped that was a once in a lifetime summer. I am seriously bummed about this.

I’m going to stay home today and send BD to the office to pick up some files so I can do some telephoning - the only timely work I need to do today. Thank goodness I got all those spine lables printed up yesterday. There should be lots and lots of new videos up on the shelves by Saturday. And I think I’ll get him to check out some Elizabeth Zimmermann videos so I can sit and watch an old friend while I feel sorry for myself.

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