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Thursday, July 24, 2003  

What, I wonder, has happened to my comments? I don’t remember fooling around with the template. I don’t remeber, either, where I got the code for comments. I hate it that things can be so easily ruined on a web site. I am also not all that interested in learning blogger code. I just want an opportunity to mouth off every day and to enjoy any feedback that engenders. Rats. Crumbs.

I head off to PA today and shan’t be back till late Saturday. I expect I’ll be completely out of touch with any computers but I am taking along my Winter in the City hat kit for evening knitting. Mama will not be offended if I knit and talk at the same time the way certain, ahem, other hotel companions I’ve had do. There’s always a little tension driving off on my own. Though I have driven a car for .... well, since I was 16, I’m not particularly fond of driving. I prefer to ride and gaze out the window. BigDarling is my favorite driver because he will drive slowly down back roads and stop for anything that looks interesting - or, if I complain that I’m weary of cars, he’ll get on an interstate and drive fast. In fact, our first date was an 18-hour car trip through the rainy autumnal landscape of southern VA and NC. We never stopped talking and after that I didn’t bother to date anybody else. Some things, you just know are right.

I’ve spun up all the yarns on my bobbins. These are the handpainted rovings I’ve been dyeing up the past few weekends. I still have piles of lovely colorful merino to play with but I feel a little finishitis a-birthing in my fingers and think I’d like to have enough boucle to make my jacket. I put off finishing the boucle yarn because I didn’t have all the quilting thread or mylar ribbon I needed and didn’t have the $$ to buy it. Payday is Friday so I’ll order up the threads and start spinning more mohair singles. I can fill 2 bobbins with mohair and still have 2 empty ones for working up the boucle.

But what is interesting, though also a little lowering, is to see an old pattern reappear from my sewing days. Back when I used to sew all my own clothes, I frequently bought patterns, and even cloth, to make something and then never made it. There are 4 cubby closets in my house crammed full of those unmade clothes. Often, just owning the materials was enough ownership for me. The concept, the ideas, the mental rehearsals were all I ever accomplished. I fear that my knitting and spinning is developing similar patterns. I have the yarn for something like 7 sweaters and wool to spin into yarn for another 7. Am I ever going to make any of them? Lord, I hope so. Stash is one thing - a weird shopping obsession is something else.

Heh! Self analysis notwithstanding, I will stop by GotYarn on my way to Mama’s and pick up the #11 circulars the hat pattern calls for. I’ve never bothered to work with the larger needle in my other felt hats because I can always just knit loosely. But I’ll be working with two strands, one of them eyelash, and I think I’d like to knit a little tighter on this hat. A little worried I’ll split the two yarns otherwise. And though I know somewhere in this house there are several size 7 needles, I can’t find a one of them, so I’ll get another of those.

My my - I haven’t been in a yarn store since before Md. S&W!

My Interweave Knits came yesterday - a day after the library copy - so it has no surprises but I’ll take it with me on my trip too. And I’ll be back here Sunday morning or maybe Monday.

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