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Thursday, July 17, 2003  

Still no fiber news. Went to bed last night at 8:30. But I’ve been following the most beautiful knitting on Jerry’s sight. He’s been knitting a gansey sweater and posting regular progress photos. I am utterly impressed by the beauty and skill of his knitting. I’ve toyed with the idea of knitting a gansey myself for several years and though I know it’s not yet the right time, his work has been an inspiration. I just love fine needlework.

Today Jen is joining me for lunch and some serious fiber consultation. This is a major effort on her part, for she’s doing all the driving and we live about 100 miles apart. Isn’t it interesting how far we fiberfiends are willing to go in pursuit of our art? So I’m going in to work way early to clear the decks for an afternoon off. Among other wonderful fun things is the opportunity to share our hand dyed fibers and rovings and our spinning efforts. I’m glad I can share them on-line but that tactile experience is missing in an on-line environment. I can share IRL with my knitting friends, but I have yet to really lure a buddy into the world of spinning. I understand the reluctance on the part of non-spinners. I resisted many many times when my sister tried to entice me. “What? spend all that time just making the darn thread?!? But it will be good to have someone around who doesn’t just understand me but matches my feelings.

Tomorrow’s birthday party is just about ready. About 20 adults and assorted teens&kids are coming. Thank goodness, C’s 15 year old daughter will be here when my 17 year old nephew shows up with Mama. And K’s daughter will be delighted to see C’s son - for they’ve always been friends, but now go to different schools. Not that I believe in pairing off people, but I do remember that when I was a teen and in a group of adults, I was glad to find someone my age around. And since it’s summer everybody can go swimming, where, if there is an overload of strangers in the crowd, you can always just dive underwater. This will be fun. The challenge will be to have a full party meal’s worth of food for all, including us WW gals. And I was lucky to get Sheryl to clean the house on Friday afternoon - just before she goes on vacation.

Ugh! cleaning house reminds me that I had better dismantle the Textile Factory in the dining room. Sheryl cleans, she doesn’t re-decorate. Best be off.

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