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Wednesday, July 23, 2003  

Several days ago I posted my fright-inducing list of things I had to do - not things that I didn’t want to do, mind you, just things with deadlines that required planning and execution. That list is being whittled down at a good clip this week and it’s making me feel light and free.

And speaking of light - all the weight I lost the week before last, that showed up on the scales as a .2 lb. gain, took it’s shadow somewhere else. The drop was 4.4 lbs - but only half of that was the result of the past 7 days. What’s nice is that I earned another 5 lb. star - I’m 1.4 lbs away from losing 10% of body weight - and feeling very frisky.

I had a wonderful meeting with my novelist friend discussing his work. (this means I did read it and had a few suggestions to offer along with lots of encouragement) The book is aimed at middle schoolers. It’s quite good and very true. In fact, I had to ask him how much was autobiographical. He laughed and said plenty of incidents were from his childhood, a unique pocket - growing up working class Catholic in the deep south in the 50’s - but he’d had 30 years of teaching middle schoolers and he’d gathered lots of material from the classroom as well. It rings true. I hope he finishes it. It deserves to be out there on the shelves.

Tomorrow I leave to take Mama to PA so I have to get a lot done at work before I leave. There’s lots of stuff at work that has to be ready for a series of meetings next week and I’d like to finish spinning up the wrapping paper yarn. And I really must get the notebook for my young spinners put together. It’s all right if they just jump in and begin spinning, but I think they should have a how-to reference for when the class is over. That means taking all the stuff I know in my brain and in my fingers and putting it into language and sketches and then putting said language&sketches on paper. Hmmm. I think I’ll be working late tonight.

And BigDarling said LittleDarling called in the night, after I’d fallen asleep, and he might be home this weekend!!!! Now - there’s not much more a mother needs than to have her little darling come home for a weekend.

I haven’t been very good about knitting Christmas gifts though. Oh - I planned them all out, selected yarns from my stash - but I’ve not picked up a needle. Perhaps I shall have to devote August to actual construction. And I really must clear my bobbins of all those small colored yarns so I can get back to my boucle. I really want that spun and knit up this fall.

Ahh well. There it is. Two steps forward and one step back. I believe it’s called “Life”.

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