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Thursday, July 10, 2003  

Not a lot of fiber news today. There was a meeting at 4 that ran a little late last night and a glorious thunderstorm when I got home. BigDarling was chopping up the fallen Oak tree out by the mailbox (mind, now, by the mailbox is 1/2 a mile from the house ‘cause we live on a farm) and I stopped to chat with him before driving on home. He showed up 20 minutes later, soaked from the storm and we had supper watching part of the new version of the Thomas Crown Affair.

I’m no fan of Brosnon -he’s okay but never was my “type”. But the movie was boring to me - so half way through we took a walk in the drawing evening sky, still pink with storm clouds, out to the mile point where our property ends and the next farm starts. There’s a stream at that point, actually on the other farm, that goes under the lane via a concrete culvert. In the monumental rains we’ve had this spring and summer, it became plugged with sticks and mud and let me explain about blocked culverts: When they get blocked, the pressure of the water behind the clog can wash away the road. And that’s what’s happened with the lane. There is another stream that borders our property on the south and the road there used to wash out all the time. But that’s the way I get off this farm and there were some days I couldn’t go to work because the road had washed away. We replaced the culvert there about 10 years ago, with a larger one so I get no more unplanned days off due to road damage. Pity, there. But fixing roads is no fun either.

I spun a little on my wrapping paper roving but for some reason my fingers wanted to spin fine yarn. But I’m not sure fine yarn is the thing to spin with handpainted roving. I spun up 2 little roving lengths and I think I shall ply it, and even cable it and see what it looks like - maybe even Navajo ply a bit of it just to see.

And I made what I hope will be my last purchase for a while. I got the VISA bill on Monday and it is a frightening thing. I can’t even blame it on England, either. It’s just this whopping boulder ready to topple over onto my paycheck. So - no more shopping for me - perhaps I ought to join the NoYarnForOneMonth club - only I believe I should have to call it the NothingButGroceriesTillVisaIsPaidOff club. But enough tragedy - there is triumph too - because I bought, from Opalesnce , 20 oz of merino/tencel in a blue/green color to make a sweater. This way I can take the lovely rosy beige stuff I bought from them at Md. S&W, about 6 oz. left, and experiment with it. I spun some medium and 2 plied it, then cabled it into an utterly magnificent shiny silky sensuous yarn and then spun some extremely loose to see what that looked like. I talked to Margery Erickson about how it worked up for her, and she said it is an extremely strong yarn that doesn't pill, so I think socks...with cables, for this rosy beige.

But I have to work the late shift tonight so I shan’t get to it till the weekend. How wonderful it is only 2 days away.

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