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Friday, July 11, 2003  

Not any fiber news today. Working 12-8 always throws me off. I also had mountains of groceries to put away once I did get home. And the house was perfectly heavenly clean when I got there - thank you Sheryl - so I just spent a little time walking from room to room in bare feet. I did have a little time to go through the pile of boots by the staircase and throw out the leaky ones, pack up the uncomfortable ones to be given away, and find the missing ones.

I’m sure you have seen the pictures in house beautiful type magazines of the “Restored Hunting Box of Lord GotMoreMoneyThanYouEverWill” with the front hall lined with boots. Well, our house has the front hall lined with boots too - and maybe twice a year, it looks veddy veddy Brrrrrrrrritish but the rest of the time it looks like a heap of boots covered in a layer of dust. And do not ask me why my house has no closets. It makes my blood pressure rise. Besides, you can’t get the full effect if you can’t see my grimace and eye-rolling.

But the weekend is 11 hours away and the dyepot is whispering sweet nothings into my ear. I have no other obligations this weekend. What a sweet thought.

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