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Thursday, July 31, 2003  

Most of the heavy stuff at work is done - and a little more of the oppressing load I’ve felt on my neck has lifted. What a grand feeling it is. I don’t know why this summer has felt so tremendously heavy since it has been a pretty summer, and I haven’t had a single thing to do that I didn’t want to do - but the whole length and breadth of it has felt like rocks on my back. I was writing to a good friend, M, about it and suddenly I realized that part of the issue has been the cash-flow problem I’ve had for so long. First saving for England, then spending it all and more, then a bunch of major home appliances and auto bills - it is a lot easier to fulfill obligations when you can pay for them! But another issue is the vacation day evaporation. For years, come July 1, when I have to calculate how many days of leave everyone at the library has, I have several weeks left. That sense of ease and time and freedom I’d feel when I would realize “Hey - I can take next week off if I want!” would make me feel wealthy and full of possibilities. Of course, I sucked up most of those days last May and while I have a little time left in the pot - it doesn’t feel expansive and possible.

Who would have thought that I’d need a “vacation days” stash!!

We count our wealth in so many ways.

For those who read this earlier - I'm over my snit now.

posted by Bess | 7:37 AM