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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

I made it through the day yesterday and didn’t crash till about 7:30 while watching a National Geographic video about climbing Mt. Everest. It may have been a wonderful video -but the soporific voice of the narrator put me to sleep tootsweet. Woke up just long enough to brush teeth and climb into bed and, flush from having chewed my way through some of the dooty-to-do list yesterday, slept like a rock.

what a difference a day makes.

I did spin a tiny bit from this roving:

I like to call it Monet - because of its water color look. But knit up it is a little more pastel than Monet’s palette. (And scanned it's even paler.)

I’m experimenting with different thicknesses of my singles with these hand dyed. In part, I’m trying to improve my skills, and in part I’m trying to decide how I like these colors spun and knit up. Each yarn design effects the way the colors are presented. I love merino wool and I enjoy working with it, but I am also thinking I need to find another white wool that is not quite so soft and fine, to work with. I have owned plenty of merino sweaters in my life and they always pill up terribly. I like how the coriadale fleece spun and I like the feel of finn that Jen bought at MdS&W. Happily, I expect to get my fingers into several wools this Thursday and can come up with a decision on an alternative to merino.

Perhaps I should say an addition to merino - since, by no means, do I mean to stop using it. I just want another wool that is pretty darn near as soft, but not as likely to pill.

Now - let us see how much more of my pile of work I can eliminate. Things ought to look a lot better after the auditors cart all the paperwork away.

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