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Tuesday, July 29, 2003  

I began the ribbing for my handpaint vest yesterday - and remembered, once begun, how darn hard it is to knit with a dark yarn indoors. I got to the last stitches in the second round and couldn’t tell if the next stitch was supposed to be a K or a P so I set the whole thing down and will wait for sunlight. Not far off now.

I’m pleased to be in some sort of knitting mode, though I’m supposed to be knitting Christmas gifts. I can’t figure out why I’m so stuck on Ben’s socks. They’re at the heel turning stage - half done and about to switch to just knit stitch in the round. I even like the color - just can’t seem to bring myself to finish them. Trouble is - they’re hogging the size 3 circs. On the trip to PA I showed mama the Winter in the City hat and she staked her claim. Since I love the pattern but not the color, and since it’s a color that would look okay on her, I offered it to her. It’s another felt project. This time I’ll take it to her house and felt it with her. She already got my BaaBaaJoe’s felt hat last year and I promptly knitted another which I’ve yet to felt! Idiot.

Another thing I bought last Saturday at GotYarn was Anny Blatt’s Fall 2003#191. I’d seen it when I drove up on Thursday (yes, I went twice last week!) and thought it was extremely inspiring - but priced at $16 it was expensive enough to make me pause. I find her instructions extremely difficult to follow, even though I am sure if I bothered to read them carefully I could figure them out. I also find them extremely interesting. When I stopped in again on Saturday I bought the book, knowing full well I probably wouldn’t make anything from it. I would be inspired by the projects, and what’s interesting in the designs is the combination of all sorts of different yarn textures, not the specific combinations. Some look like intarsia, some like stranded colorwork. The geometry of the Anny Blatt designs has always appealed to me, though I’m still knitting mostly tubes, a la EZ. I told myself, this much inspiration for $16 is a bargain and so far I’m still inspired.

Eh. That’s all the fiber news. My work week is challenging but do-able. And a precious young friend is coming for a visit today - dropping by the library in the afternoon, then heading up to my house to visit with BD, then spend the night.

Something in my brain keeps whispering to me that once the summer is over I won’t feel so stressed. I don’t even have a reason to feel uncomfortable - so I will blame it on Mars coming close to earth in the next few weeks. I hate it, though, when there is a vague feeling of dread niggling the back of my brain. Wonder what my subconscious thinks is going to happen before Labor Day? Weird!

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