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Tuesday, July 22, 2003  

I am going to have to do something about this Monday night sleeplessness. I know it is because Tuesday is WeightWatchers and I’m excited about going to the meeting - but sheesh! I am only getting about 4 hours of sleep on Monday nights. Not good. Not even good for weightwatching since I retain water when I don’t get enough sleep. But I always feel a little Christmas Eve-ish on Mondays and long about 3 or 4 in the morning, the eyes pop open and stuff begins to trek through my brain. Stupid stuff frequently, worrisome stuff now and then, to be compounded by the prime worry that if I don’t get back to sleep I’ll drag through the day - which means I never ever will get back to sleep. In fact, once that idiotic thought enters my consciousness, I just go ahead and get up.

I’m not one of those tidy souls who can’t go to bed when some task is left undone. I am a great believer in letting things rest - or cook - or alone. Particularly so if the task is onerous (like washing dishes) or giving me problems, like some needlework projects will do. I can go to sleep pretty much any time after 8:30 p.m. Usually it’s closer to 10, BigDarling’s complaints that I go to bed at 7 not withstanding. Hyperbole is one of his favorite tactics. In 32 years I’ve learned to translate. Besides, as long as I don't fall asleep right away, he’s happy to read to me till I drop off to sleep. Also, I’m a dawn prowler.

That being said, I usually get up and wash dishes (or load the dishwasher when it is working) or finish other undone tasks. Well, actually, I always have to do something in the kitchen before I can make coffee. Just not always do the dishes. I’ve gotten better over the decades - time was when I didn’t wash them at all, knowing that sooner or later someone else would become disgusted with the mess and wash them for me. But with the advent of machinery - life took on a more hygienic aspect. We all have our quirks. I’d rather do 4 bathrooms any day!

Yesterday was a fiberless day - no spinning, knitting or anything. I had shoe lust. I can’t explain it - since I already have enough shoes to cover a dozen feet - even a dozen pair of feet, for crying out loud! I have hard-to-fit feet, triangular shaped feet with normal width heels and wide balls - think here: “Donald Duck” - so most shoes look terrible on me. I had some time during lunch yesterday so I went to a little shop in town and tried on shoes and hats. I rarely have shoe lust - but there is no time ever when I don’t want a hat. I have several. I’ve been known to spend the last $$$ I have on a hat (it was a little gray rolled brim thing with a cascade of feathers down the back - I had to have it). I have a favorite dress. I think of it as a sarong dress, though really it’s a back-zippered fitted sheath with an extra wrap of cloth that ties over the left hip like a sarong. I have been too fat to wear it for a long time but it fits beautifully now. It’s the sort of great dress that cries out for a hat - but I’d never found one that worked with it till yesterday. I’m intrigued by these buckram hats that are so ubiquitous now. Buckram is an interesting fabric - looks like stiff looseweave burlap without the slubs in the yarn. It can be shaped pretty much anyway you like, when it is wet, but once it’s dry it becomes stiff. This one has a slightly high crown and a wide brim that turns down like a bell. Very 1950’s or early ‘60’s looking - very much like something Audrey Hepburn would have worn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s , (a movie I find incredibly stupid and boring, but it does have absolutely great clothes). It’s wheat colored, trimmed in black and I was sure it would be perfect with my sarong dress. It was also marked down 3 times till it was less than $10. The rest of the afternoon all I could think about was going home and trying it on with the dress. That, and thinking about shoes to go with the dress.

So - I’m a clothing sucker. I once read a quote by Geoffrey Beane to the effect that Virgo’s cared the most about clothes and I remember thinking he was so right. But the hat does go fantastically well with the dress and I already have shoes that work and now all I need is someplace to go. I wonder if someone I know is getting married.....

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