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Friday, July 04, 2003  

Happy spinning update. I plied up the boucle - the mohair is too loosely spun so I spun the rest of the yarn a second time (z) adding 4 treadles for every 2 feet of yarn. As for the boucle sample - it is wound on a toilet paper tube. I didn't try this till I had already wound the boucle on, but the tube fits right over the shaft of my ball winder. This is the blue and white plastic ball winder you find at most shops - the one in the Patternworks catalog - made in Japan, I believe. Happy day about that, since boucle must be wound on some sort of spindle or core. Especially with this metalized film thread added, there are just too many textures to try to knit it from center pull balls. The nice thing about the cardboard tubes is that they can be put on the lazy kate to knit from.

I'm washing up quart jars to hold the dye stock solutions. That is - the machine is washing them up. I am off to scrub the porch.

posted by Bess | 10:42 AM