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Thursday, July 03, 2003  

Been tracking down threads. I’ve found a source for the lovely quilting thread - and learned a little about thread weight designations. I can get the beautiful brown cotton quilting thread at Speed Stitch for about $3.65 a spool (whew, not $8.00 as I had fixed in my mind) and they sell a holographic shimmer thread made from thinly sliced film like the Glitter I already have, for about $3.00 but it has only 300 yards and the Glitter has 400. I can get Glitter at Superior Threads, again at something reasonable and affordable, so my jacket of mohair boucle will not cost $400.

I’ve also been tracking my brown merino from Little Barn on the Fedex page - I’ve never tracked a package before. Sadly, though, it doesn’t look like the package will come till Monday since it only left Harrisburg PA at 2:30 this morning and I am sure it has to go to some sorting station in Richmond or Fredericksburg and then get driven way out here in the boonies. But hey, maybe it’ll get here this afternoon. You never know. Happily, I don’t have to track my dye stuff from Barbara Gentry since that package arrived yesterday!! yippee! an extra pound of merino top, and all the dyes we used in the workshop: primaries in cool and warm shades, a navy and a black. So - we know what Bess will be doing on Saturday.

I inventoried my sock yarn box for the GuysAllStarChristmasSockKnitting tasks. My guys all want handknit socks. I belong to a sock of the month club - which I never seem to get around to knitting up, but it assures I get a surprise package every other month - a little “I love you, sugar” sort of thing I give myself - and also that I have a nice selection of sock yarns. There’s a lovely multicolored in blues just right for LittleDarling and some ToastyToes I can knit up for BigDarling on size 4 needles. It’s a little thick but he will like these for hiking.

I’ve decided a little triangle scarf of extreme novelty yarn for Mama. H was wearing one Tuesday and I just knew it would be perfect for Mom. She loves froufrou like I do .... well dang - Mom reads this blog and now she’ll know - okay I’ll make one for Barbara who doesn’t read it and surprise her and think up a surprise for Mom. Heh Heh evil me.

Mom - too bad.

Okay, well - hmmm. I know H thinks she’d like handspun yarn but I know she’s also too busy to knit up something for herself. All her knitting becomes gifts for others so she would just save it for “when she has more time” which is too far into the future for a Christmas gift. So she will get mittens with boucle cuffs. I can use that Wensleydale yarn that is too navy blue for me. Hmmmm it would spin up beautifuly into a smooth yarn for the hands too - yes yes... and there is enough for a matching scarf or hat. good - that means spinning falls into the JulyChristmasGiftMakingMarathon.

I have charted a schipperke which I shall knit in black on a red mitten for L.

That’s about all the gift-list stuff I’ve been able to plan so far but after all, it’s only July 3. And thank goodness for that. I am so glad to have a nice long weekend coming up. No big crowd for July 4th, but that’s partly because I want to invite all the same people over for a surprise birthday party in 2 weeks and one party a month is enough for this busy summer. Just H and her family for swimming, picnic and fireworks.

Oh - and I began the first ply of the beautiful mohair boucle last night - and I wonder if I’ve spun the mohair too softly now. That ply loosens up the twist a lot. I think I’ll break off a length and see how the 2nd ply looks. If it’s too fuzzy I’ll treadle it back onto an empty bobbin and give it a second-chance spin to tighten it up. Let us hope, though, that it is not too fuzzy.

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