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Wednesday, June 11, 2003  

Sheesh - you are getting to see an ENFP in action. I forgot to scan the yarn (which I had with me) yesterday and post that and I ought to finish up the tour of England - good gosh I’ve been home nearly a month! Well - there - I am sooo tempted to just quit but then I want this transcribed record of my journal. I wonder if the come-to-completion part of me will triumph or the dutiful-know-better-grown-up part of me.

Anyway, I’ll haul the yarn back down town today. Last night was Tuesday Night Knitters and I wanted to show off everything I had been up to since Md. Sheep & Wool. It was a small gathering, but oh it was my 3 favorite women down here. These are the women who did all the cooking for a party I held for 100 people back in 2000, because I had to go out of town 2 days before the party. I mean - there are some women in this world who are really angels in disguise.

It was so good to be with them. C is working on her Lopi sweater - she took my class in the winter but had to set things aside while she taught her students through the last weeks of school and shepherded her daughter through HS graduation. she said she wasn’t about to get to the decrease in the yoke pattern just as I left town for 2 weeks! K is working on a baby sweater knit out of Fly. She got it 1/2 price last winter and I am sooooo envious. It is a delicious yarn - 70% merino, 30% silk. Some lucky baby.

I am not knitting anything right now but things are cooking in the old brain. I’ll make the leap sometime. and I promised to finish up Sigvaldi - which needs only neckband, steek cutting and button band to be finished. I promised to cut the steeks at next month’s meeting.

Last night was also the regular WeightWatchers meeting and I am down another .4 lbs so that makes 5 altogether.

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